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How to overcome the fear of JEE and NEET exams?

The normal examination itself brings out fear amongst the mind of the best people. So JEE and NEET being the toughest exam to crack will stress out the minds of the teenagers preparing for the same. Every aspirant while preparing should always know that the exam is just an assessment to compute your acquaintance and understanding of the subjects. Building fear of examination will not solve the issue instead build it more thus hampering the preparation process.

The students are always under tremendous pressure like fulfilling the expectations of elders, having a competitive edge over their peers, non-completion of the syllabus, always feeling un-prepared for JEE and NEET etc. Fear of failure is something that happens to all, as in everyone from the JEE/NEET topper to the person who couldn’t make it to the top engineering or medical college is entangled in this phase when they’re unable to achieve up to their anticipated level and end up feeling timid about their preparation levels. Fear is nothing but the prospect of some negative penalties. It could be the feeling of not being able to score well, lack of time to solve the questions and the feeling of uneasiness to appear for the exam. The only alteration between the person who secures a seat and one who lags is the latter’s inability to manage the fear of examination and tackle the pressure by keeping a level head while trusting the process of his/her preparation.

To overcome the fear of JEE and NEET we have formulated some tips so that the students keep the level mind during their preparation phase.

Here are the following tips to overcome the fear of JEE and NEET:-

1. Always trust yourself and have a positive approach

Self-Believe is must be the number one priority in every student’s life. Always say “I can do it”. When you believe yourself, you’ll kill self-doubt and nervousness. Once you’re ready to kill self-doubt, you become more confident to require action. To eradicate all your fear, nervousness and focus on your study.

2. Set a goal work on it and do not overthink on it

Set a goal and make plans to urge there. Your goal is to get a high score in the JEE/NEET so that you can take admission to a reputed government institution like IIT or AIIMS. When you set your goal, it will motivate you to move ahead.

3. Create a study schedule commit to it and know your exam pattern

Plan your schedule to cover all syllabuses in time. Decide which subject you would like to hide during the primary hour of the day and which subject within the afternoon or evening hour. Prepare your timetable according to that. Identify the portion of your syllabus which needs more attention, schedule it to end first. Don’t treat yourself badly if you skip the routine.

To be clear with the syllabus and exam pattern is the most important aspect to create a routine to study or prepare for the examination. You can practice papers, take mock tests and study the concepts with proper concentration after having a good study schedule.

4. Make mindmaps take regular mock tests and try to take help from experts

Mindmaps should be created for every topic covered to get a structured understanding. Making a mindmap not only saves time but helps you remember all the concepts very easily and refer to them before the exam. As it is a stress buster it will help you recall the topics before JEE and NEET.

Self-studying may be a good way to master each subject. It helps you to reinforce your learning experience. You can explore your subjects through self-study. However, taking the help of experts or past toppers senior faculties will be an added advantage for you. Go through your syllabus, highlight the difficult portion, and then take the help of an expert. Experts and past toppers will help you with some tricks and tips to reduce the burden of your syllabus. They will also tell you the topics you should stress more and which to leave behind. Bring your doubts to zero and feel confident to seem for the test.

Try to take as much as mock papers as possible as it will give you a brief outlook on what the JEE/NEET paper can be. You can prepare your strategies for exams accordingly.

5. Do not look into the JEE/NEET failure and talk to your friends and family

Another major issue faced by some students. Students usually start comparing themselves with other students. However, this is often one of the foremost harmful practices; one should stop doing this immediately after knowing about it.

Talking is one of the best ways to deal with this situation. Students can ask their friends and families about their studies to beat the fear they’re facing. Your fellow aspirants can assist you to boost your confidence and help in developing a sense of positivity and confidence. This will assist you in bringing out the best in your performance. Spend a while in recreational activities like exercise, yoga, meditation or running which can refresh your mind.

“Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our fears.” “Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.” -James F. Byrnes.

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