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JEE Advanced last 2 weeks Preparation Tips

The Joint Entrance Examination – Advanced 2021 is going to be conducted on 3rd October 2021. The exam will be held for admissions to various IITs across the country. Recently National Testing Agency has released the results for JEE Main 2021 along with its qualifying cutoff for JEE Advanced. Top 2.5 lakh candidates which appeared for JEE Main 2021 are eligible to register for JEE Advanced. With less than 2 weeks left for the exam, you need to have a planned schedule and follow effective tips so that all your hardwork you have done while preparing for the exam, give you the desired result. 

In this article we will be suggesting some effective tips and preparation strategies for the upcoming days before the exam. This will give you the much needed extra edge for your last few days JEE Advanced 2021 Preparation. Before beginning with the tips and strategies, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Never forget that, no preparation is the final preparation. And exam like JEE Advanced which is also considered as one of the most toughest exams of our country never fails to surprise us. Hence, you need to be prepared really well to achieve good ressults in the exam. 

Your motto for the upcoming days needs to be Focus and Revision. With that, below you will find some of the tips and preparation strategies for the upcoming days in order to give your best in the upcoming exam. 

Plan and Execute: Plan your upcoming days before hand so that you don’t miss on anything important. Make sure to divide your time effectively between revision and mocks along with rest hours to keep your mind fresh. Don’t overdo in panic of finishing the revision early. This might lead to loosing concentration and hence the revision won’t be worth it. Therefore, trust and follow the plan you prepared for yourself. 

Interospect and Analyse: Along with knowing you strengths you must also know your weak points. This is not the time to go for some new concepts. Instead, segregate the topics according to your strengths and weakness and try and work more on the part you are good at. This will give you a clearer picture during the exam of what questions needed to be attemted and if/ how much time should be invested in the question. 

Follow a conceptual study plan: Since not much days are left for the exam, it’s time for you to revise your syllabus conceptually. This will help you get the wider or deeper knowledge of the chapters. And most importantly, it will help you analyse the questions better during the exam.

Mocks are equally important: Always treat mocks just like your final exam. Don’t take a break in between. This will help in building your efficiency and will also help you prepare for the final exam by overcoming small factors like exhaustion which can have adverse effects during the exam. Try to adapt yourself with the exam like conditions. 

Clear your Doubts: Don’t push your doubts to be cleared till the last day. This is the only time left. You must clear your doubts before hand and never hesitate in seeking help from others. It will only waste your precious time which you could have used to achieve those extra marks.

Also, since not much days are left, avoid going to something new. Stick to your strengths and work on them to achieve your level best. With only few days left till the IIT aspirants will finally face the much-awaited JEE Advanced 2021 exam. Don’t panic and believe in yourself and your preparation. 

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