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JEE Advanced 2022 dos and don’ts

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay has decided to conduct the Joint entrance exam (JEE) Advanced 2022 on 3 July 2022. The exam is going to be held for the highest 2,50,000 rankers of the JEE Main 2021 exam through the computer-based format. These top rankers will get an opening to claim a seat in the prestigious IITs located across the country. The pressure has increased with every passing day and it is time to tighten the seatbelts.

Don’t accept you’re not talented in clearing JEE Advanced based on the number of seats available and the amount of competition. Clearing JEE Advance is difficult, but it’s possible if you are aware of what to avoid and what to follow in the JEE preparation. Always remember that if you’re capable of clearing JEE Mains then you are capable of passing JEE Advanced with flying colours.

As the exam approaches, here are some do’s and don’ts which all candidates should make a note on –

JEE Advanced 2022: Things to DO before the exam

# Identify and separate the questions into three types.

While preparing for the JEE Advanced 2022 examination, previous year question (PYQ) papers may have certain resemblances such as significant weightage given to one chapter, a question or concept repeating itself in multiple papers, etc. The key is to identify these similarities and focus on them before the exam. After solving the JEE Advanced previous-year papers, candidates must have already separated the questions into three types – easy, difficult/tricky and never to attempt. Candidates must confirm to use this analysis while solving mock exams and therefore the final examination to attain the utmost marks.

# Emphasis on comprehension or paragraph questions

The JEE Advanced 2022 examination will comprise comprehension questions wherein a paragraph will be provided. Based on this paragraph, candidates will need to answer multiple questions. These questions could also be time-consuming, lengthy or maybe inter-lined. However, if they understand the core of such questions, they can easily score well in these questions. Hence, candidates must confirm to dedicate time to such questions.

# Solve previous-year question(PYQ) papers

JEE Advanced questions asked in previous years are important and may help candidates to extend their knowledge domain and help in thinking outside the box. Now that they have reached the final stage of preparation, candidates must make a promise and honestly solve as many previous year questions as possible. While the exam pattern has changed over the years, the problem level is the same. Hence, don’t leave any stone unturned solve questions asked within the year 1990 and after.

JEE Advanced 2022: Things one should NOT DO before the exam

# Don’t study a replacement or complex topic before the exam.

The most important DON’T before a crucial exam such as JEE Advanced 2022 is to never study a new topic before the exam. The entrance exam already covers a huge syllabus then, recalling this portion already may be a tough ability to overcome. Starting a subject on top of this is often like digging a hole for oneself. Instead, use this point to revise important mathematical formulae or chemical reactions. If not revision, solve a mock exam for extra practice. These are better alternatives than starting a replacement topic from scratch.

# Don’t aim to unravel the whole paper.

In any competitive exam, the aim is to lessen the negative marking rather than scoring full. JEE Advanced 2022 examination is no exception to this approach. Hence, candidates must never target to solve the entire paper. As mentioned before, undergo the whole paper and segregate questions into easy, difficult and never to aim. Spend longer on the primary two categories and IF time permits, attempt the last section.

# Procrastination or daydreaming

Procrastination is a lazy habit, you don’t need this in JEE Advanced preparation. Finishing work and assignments on time may be a habit that helps in achieving your goal. Clear your doubts asap.

Daydreaming and believing I am above all attitude will lead to nowhere. Leaving everything for the 11th hour only compiles your study issues and keeps you lag in your study schedule and peers.

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