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JEE Advanced 2021: Exam Hall Guidance/ Suggestions

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JEE Advanced 2021 is going to be held on 3rd October, 2021. With less than a week left in this national level exam, the anxiety among students is going high. Due to this anxiety/ stress among students, there might be chances of making some errors. And a small error might lead to losing some marks which can be an obstruction in your journey to your dream college. Therefore, you need to give your exam carefully without any worry.  Hence, in this article we will be providing some suggestions on what to do and what not to do in the exam hall during the exam. 

Even before entering the exam hall, you need to reach the centre in time. It is advised to visit the centre a day prior, if possible, to check the route and avoid any unforeseen circumstances on your big day. Try reaching your exam centre before time, maintaining the covid regulations and practising all the precautionary measures. Once you reach your exam centre, get the security check done in time. Carry all the essential documents and if possible, make a checklist of the things you need to carry in the exam hall and check it before entering. 

Guidelines while appearing for JEE advanced 2021

  • Follow your Invigilator: Make sure to follow all the instructions provided by your invigilator. They are there for your help. Hence, you can clear your valid doubts related to the exam or centre with them. 
  • Cooperate the staff for verification: Provide all your support to the invigilator while verification of your documents. This will help you maintain the smooth flow of the process and without any hindrance you can complete all the exam formalities. Your identity will be verified by both the invigilator and representatives from IITs.
  • Login to System: You will be provided a system and you can verify it by checking your photograph, name and JEE Advanced 2021 roll number appears on the screen. After verification, login to the system and start reading the information mentioned. Note that the login Id is your JEE advanced roll number and password will be your date of birth (dd.mm.yyyy format).
  • Finger print: You will have to provide a fingerprint of your index finger. The same will also be used during the counselling process. Hence, make your no error occurs in this process and your hands are clean.
  • Use scribble pad wisely: A scribble pad will be provided to you during the exam for your rough work. You need to do all your solutions in the same pad. You will not be allowed to carry another sheet from outside the exam hall for solving. Make sure to submit your scribble pad before leaving the centre after completion of the exam. Note that scribble pad will not be used for the evaluation process.
  • Keep an eye on time: You will not be given any extra time and hence, make sure to complete your exam in time. Keep an eye on time and plan your exam accordingly. 
  • Use your time wisely:  Even if you have completed your exam early, you will only be allowed to leave the exam hall at the time of completion of exam. Hence, use your time wisely while in the exam hall and make the most of it. 

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