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Is JEE really impossible to crack: Myth or Fact?

Joint Entrance Test or JEE is considered as one among the toughest exams of our country. The exam conducted by National Testing Agency is believed to be the toughest to crack of all the other entrance exams conducted in India. The exam acts as a bridge for admission to various IITs, NITs, and other reputed engineering colleges. With it being one of the toughest and also the most desirable exam to crack for engineering aspirants, there are several myths about this exam which one must be clear with in order to ace their preparation.

In this article, we will be introducing you with various myths about the Joint Entrance Test and the important facts you need to know for a better preparation.

  1. More the number of hours, better is your preparation.

Many people believe that the number of hours they study will be directly proportional to the marks. And statements like, “if you do not study for at least 12 hours a day, you won’t be able to crack the exam” only add up to this point. However, it doesn’t mean that one must not study at all, but a progressive routine study of 6-8 hours will be sufficient for you to crack the exam. Given that the time you study, you are completely focused and also motivated regarding your preparation. Also, all the topics need to be revised well before the exam.

  • Amount of study material will decide your marks

It is believed that more the amount of study material you cover, better will be your preparation. People tend to avoid in depth understanding of topics and rather focus on covering more and more versions of the topic from various books. With this, the candidate might end up being confused. Instead, one can do a good conceptual understanding of topics and then strengthen their preparation with solving more and more mocks and attempting good number of questions.

  • Preparation for Boards and JEE is similar

However, we cannot deny the fact that syllabus for both of them is more or less similar, but the pattern of both the exams is very different. Also, if one notices the past trend, there is a significant number of weightages given to each topic and this is different for both the exams. Class 12 Boards majorly will test your theory and the understanding of the topic but in JEE Main you also need to be quick as well as clear with the concepts.

  • Good scores in JEE Main guarantee good scores in JEE Advance

This is a pure myth as the exam pattern of JEE Main and JEE Advance is very different. The primary difference between both the exams is the JEE Advanced is conducted for admission to various IITs while the other i.e., JEE Mains is conducted for admission to various NITs and other centrally aided engineering colleges. In fact, in JEE Advance there are 2 papers while in JEE Main there is only one Also, the number of attempt available for both the exams are different. And the major difference factor among both the exams is their difficulty level. It needs not to be mentioned that difficulty level of JEE Advanced is more than that of JEE Main. Hence, one must focus on their preparation accordingly, keeping their target in mind.

  • JEE Exam: very difficult to clear

A lot of aspirants give up mid-way either because they feel that JEE preparation is very tough or they will have to completely give up on their social life and study day and night to crack the exam. Although it cannot be denied that JEE is a tough exam to crack but it is not impossible. One must keep in mind that a very difficult paper is difficult for all as it follows relative marking. And this won’t affect your result much if you work both hard and smart consistently. Any candidate who is ready to work on understanding the concepts and being dedicated with the preparation will be able to perform good in this exam.

Preparation for JEE requires dedication, hard work, smart work, and concentration in order to achieve good results. One should not be afraid and start pushing their boundaries during their preparation.

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