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Tips to score well in chemistry in NEET 2023

NEET 2023 is a year away but it’s never too late to prepare well if we want to achieve a decent score to get into our dream college. Today, let’s dive deep into chemistry and get some tips & tricks to score better.

Inorganic chemistry

In Inorganic Chemistry, NCERT is sufficient to score good marks in this section. Read the NCERTs carefully and highlight all the important key points, diagrams, and flowcharts in the book. Solve previous year’s questions as well to get an edge over the subject. You can refer to Arihant’s question bank for solving questions. The periodic table should be on your tips because it will always help you in all three sections of chemistry (physical, inorganic, and organic).

Organic Chemistry

Read the NCERT first. Read it line by line. Focus on understanding the concept. While solving organic reactions, always look for a stable intermediate. You should know about the strength of carbocation, carbanion, electrophile, nucleophile, and free radical. You can refer to OP TANDON for Organic Chemistry. It will make your concepts stronger.

Important topics for chemistry:

Chemical bonding, S, P block, Equilibrium, Thermodynamic, GENERAL ORGANIC COMPOUND AND HALOALKANES, aldehyde and ketones, carboxylic acid, States of matter, solid-state, solution, coordination compound, biomolecules. 

In physical chemistry, the formulas should be on your tips. You should also know about the application of the formula. Your basic math should be strong. Solve maximum no. Of question on a daily basis with a good accuracy rate. First give importance to important chapters like the solution, solid-state, equilibrium (most important), and thermodynamics. Join a mock test series and solve the previous year’s question paper which you can find for FREE on PracBee App.

NEET test series is always good to join as it helps you to improve your score. It also makes aspirants more familiar with the NEET exam. Test series also boost the confidence of an aspirant. By solving test series, your question-solving speed will also increase. Accuracy is the most important part of the test series. By solving maximum no. of questions, your accuracy will also improve.

After solving the questions, analyze your mistakes and encircle your incorrect questions. Try to find out the best alternative way to solve the incorrect question. Also, refer to your notes for incorrect questions because most of the questions can be easily solved by class notes.

But on top of all this, remember to practice and solve questions regularly.

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