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JEE ADVANCED 2021 – Do’s and Don’ts


Less than a week left for JEE Advanced 2021, I hope your preparation is on track, if it’s not so don’t be worried just focus on the things which you have studied you will find enough questions from the things you have studied.

For your convenience, during the exam, I have written here the do’s and don’ts 

Things you should do before your exam


  1. Revise your notes properly.
  2. Have a quick snap on formulas.
  3. Try reaching the exam hall before the reporting time
  4. If you are not from the same city where your centre is allotted, try to come to the exam centre one day earlier so that you don’t have any problem finding your centre.
  5. Sleep a minimum of 6-8 hours.
  6. Keep hall ticket, Id proof, pen, pencil, etc., all in one place
  7. Don’t eat something that affects your concentration or can cause acidity. This may make you uncomfortable during exams.
  8. Keep faith in yourself, because you only know how much you devoted for this exam.
  9. Read the instructions properly, because IIT keeps changing its paper patterns.
  10. Last and final attempt the question which you know properly otherwise you may lose some marks.

Things you should avoid before exam – 


  1. Don’t study any new topic.
  2. Be stress-free
  3. Don’t take any electronic gadgets to the exam hall like calculators, log tables, electronic watches etc
  4. Don’t compare your preparation with others; it will only create extra pressure on you during exams.
  5. Avoid overthinking
  6. Avoid irregular routines or getting up in the morning if you have one.
  7. Don’t sleep at noon if you have that in the regular time table (stop that one week before the exam), because you won’t be getting time to sleep during the JEE Advanced exam.
  8. Most importantly, avoid attempting unknown questions.

Wishing you all the best for JEE Advanced 2021.

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