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Is the preparation of JEE and NEET possible at the same time?

JEE and NEET are the examinations for most of the students after class 10th, preparation for it is the real point of talk amongst the students. Before entering class 11th many students decide what subjects they are going to take and the examination they are going to appear to shape up their future. While there are cases where students are confused about subjects whether to take Math for JEE or take Biology for NEET. They are unable to decide about the subjects and confused about the next step.

In such cases, the most viable option is to keep your options open and take up all the available subjects PCMB. Aspirants are confused as to why the author is saying to take up all subjects as the preparation process will be gruesome and tiring. Taking up two subjects will be like “sailing on two boats and ending up drowning”.

It is not the case as most aspirants and parents think. Taking up all subjects opens your door for a wide variety of professions to choose from later on. The methods of preparation may vary, but getting an honest JEE / NEET rank requires an equivalent focus and perseverance. And so starting early will help to create your attention and focus, strengthen your understanding of the foremost basic concepts and assist you to work your high to success. A student can steel oneself against IIT and NEET at an equivalent time. If you’re good in Math and Biology and unable to decide whether to focus on JEE or NEET, you’ll take PCMB and do simultaneous preparation for both exams. There are students within the past who have cleared JEE and NEET within the same year.

Every student should remember that nothing is impossible in this day and, IIT JEE and NEET are usually those who have taken PCMB as their subjects. This doesn’t mean that students should try to take up PCMB thinking it would make them toppers. They should summarize their weakness and strength then only choose the subjects.

In this article, we will give you some tips and ideas so that you could simultaneously prepare for JEE and NEET.

Here are some tips and ideas to follow so that you ace JEE and NEET preparation:-

1. Prepare a study schedule giving enough time to all the subjects

Learn to make an honest habit of scheduling and dividing your work properly. Sort out chapters supported their difficulty level, then give some time to chapters /concepts that you simply find difficult to know and with a touch more of your attention. Your timetable should be planned so well that it shows you ways much time you allotted even to the menial tasks. In this way, you can truly manage your time efficiently.

2. Thorough knowledge of the exam and their syllabus

Both these exams have Physics and Chemistry in common. Although the extent of physics is high in IIT JEE than NEET exam questions, one should specialise in mastering both subjects in great depth. The syllabus of Physics and Chemistry is almost identical for JEE and NEET. But the robustness of the questions may vary. It is best to combine the topics of Physics and Chemistry from JEE and NEET syllabi.

Math and Biology have to be prepared independently. Students should dedicate equal time to both the subjects and work monotonously in understanding them. While Math requires the practice of questions Biology requires rigorous revision and memorizing.

NCERT should be the holy grail for the basic preparation of both these exams. Students will have to move up their preparation in-depth and refer to some more qualitative books.

3. Solve mock tests and previous years’ questions (PYQ) to assess your progress

Aspirants should start looking and solving the PYQ of JEE and NEET as it will give you a crystal clear picture of the types, the patterns of questions and analyse how to tackle the questions.

Both these exams have a distinctive question pattern that needs to be scrutinized and worked on. Mock tests are an excellent way of improving your speed and accuracy as per the exam format. Mock tests are the tests conducted that mirror all the principles for the particular exam including paper patterns and deadlines.

Students should specialise in solving IIT JEE mains mock tests and NEET mock tests.

4. Focus on your strengths and improve weak areas and be realistic

While most of the students do the above steps but most of them forget to investigate their tests. Students go on solving hundreds of mock tests but never see where they are lacking and which topics need more attention. When a student neutrally analyse their test, they realize their strengths and weakness on the subjects. Accordingly, they can work on it.The goals and aims that you set for yourself shouldn’t seem a burden to you or jolt you. They should be realistic and doable.

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” ― Lincoln.

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