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Is the 75% criteria applicable for JEE dropper in 2023?

In JEE Main 2022, 75% criteria has been waived off. But there is no such announcement for JEE 2023. And if there is no such announcement then it is obvious that the 75% criteria will be applicable for JEE Mains 2023, unless stated otherwise by the officials. Aspirants whose score will be less than 75% in class 12th board will not be eligible to appear for the JEE. This rule stands applicable even for the droppers as well. The one who appeared for the JEE in 2022 for the first time and then took a drop in the year 2023 will be required to meet this 75% criteria. Or in the other words, it can be said that 75% criteria will apply for JEE droppers in 2023. 

If JEE droppers in the year 2023 failed to meet this 75 % criteria then they will get disqualified from JEE 2023. So, if this is the case with you that your class 12 score is less than 75 % and you have already appeared for JEE 2022 then try to give your best in the JEE 2022 only. Because as of now, you are eligible for the JEE exam but what if next year you get disqualified from the exam? Don’t waste such a golden opportunity that you have for now. 

Till now only the June session of JEE main has been conducted. Still, you have one attempt left for JEE main 2022. So, you can do well in the exam, you need not take drop for the year 2023. If you want to get into IIT, then you need to crack JEE advanced. And let us tell you that there is still some time left for JEE advanced. And if you do well in the remaining time, you can do well in the exam.

You don’t need to wait for a year. For now, just take the exam and if the result is desirable then good, and if the result is not desirable then only take a drop. Taking a drop should always be the last option. But the thing is that for JEE dropper in 2023, 75% criteria will apply.

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