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How to prepare for JEE 2022 in six months?

As you know, JEE is one of the most prestigious examinations held in India every year in which 10-12 Lakh candidates participate for approx.. 15,000 seats of IIT, so for this you need to be consistent and disciplined so that you can grab your seat there.


Here I’m sharing a self-experienced plan through which you can secure a good rank in JEE.

  1. You should give equal time to all the three subjects , don’t differentiate it by your emotion, you don’t know how the question paper will be in the exam , think of a situation where you get a very tough question from your favourite subject and you mess up the thing there.
  2. Follow your teacher blindly because he is the one who knows every if and buts of this exam.
  3. Don’t surround yourself with lots of study material, just follow any one and that too extensively.
  4. Be consistent with your preparation, study at least 6-7 hours daily excluding your coaching hours.
  5. Do your task daily, don’t keep it for next day otherwise you will be having a lot of backlogs.
  6. And most importantly be honest with yourself, don’t lie to yourself, being honest will give you a lot of confidence.
  7. Don’t make a time table. If you are doing this preparation by heart or enjoying your study then the timetable like things is not for you my friend, if you are not enjoying the study then no time table will help you. (This is my own thought, you need not to agree on this.)

Some academic suggestions from my end.

Physics – If your mechanics portion is strong then you are going to have edge in every topic of physics so try completing it as soon as possible and practice a lot.

Chemistry – Understand and keep physical chemistry formulas always in mind. For inorganic chemistry don’t listen to all those nonsense things like you have to remember a lot and so on , yes you need to remember the things but you can keep the things in your mind without memorizing them by having proper understanding of chapters like Chemical bonding, periodic table and coordination compound.

Organic chemistry can be done by practicing a lot of reaction mechanism questions.

Maths – First try completing any one study material which you are following and then keep revising and stick to that.

If you follow the above written things then I can guarantee you are going to score better in JEE Advanced.

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