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JEE Main Results – March 2021. How to interpret and increase score in JEE Main March 2021

JEE Main result for March 2021 is about to come out on 8th March as mentioned by NTA. This is for February 2021 attempt. The response sheet and provisional answer key was already released on 2nd March. The final answer key has been released and the results which mention percentile for JEE main, given by NTA are awaited

More than 6 lac students appeared for the exam across the country in February 2021. They are eagerly awaiting for their JEE Main percentile overall and in each subject as shared by NTA for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. As the results come, it will also lead to a scramble for which colleges you can get based on your JEE Main Percentile.

As we know JEE Main marks can get you admission to most Engineering colleges in the country including NITs, IIITs, and other government and private colleges. However to get into IITs which include colleges like IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Chennai, IIT Kanpur etc, you need to write the JEE Advanced exam. This exam will happen in July.

So now let’s come to what you can expect from your JEE main result. The answer keys of some slots have been changed in 1-2 questions. Also in the JEE Main papers of a few slots a few questions have been dropped as well from calculation of final marks for JEE and final percentile of JEE Main. And percentile is a different beast compared to percent which we are all used to in our school and Board exams.

JEE Main percentile basically means what percent of students are behind you in the ranking. Or basically what percent of people scored less than you in JEE main, and hence your JEE Main Rank is above them. So you can consider JEE main percentile as your rank, which is calculated on the basis of number of students who appeared in the exam.

Say 6 lac students wrote the JEE Main exam in February 2021 and their results have come in March 2021. So your percentile is 90, which means 90% students are after you in ranking. That means only 10% students are ranked ahead of you. Or 60,000 students are ahead of you. Or you are ranked 60,001.

Students who get 90 percentile or more in General category, are mostly eligible to sit for JEE Advanced exam. However, just in case you are not sure of cracking JEE advanced and get admission into an IIT, it makes sense to try for the JEE Main March attempt with some tweaks to your preparation.

Pracbee.com prepares students in a batch of 1 with IITian teachers. With such a type of very short but very focused high performance coaching, you can easily get at least 3-4 extra questions correct per subject in JEE Main March and April attempts. That can translate to 10-12 questions extra correct in the exam or a higher score by 40-45 marks.

These extra marks can take your percentile from 90 percentile to 98 percentile. Or from 75 percentile to 95 percentile. This can suddenly make you eligible for admission to the best of Engineering colleges in the country. In fact you can calculate your percentile and hence college using College Predictor of PracBee

You would be surprised to know how easy it can be to improve your score and percentile in JEE Main exam with 1:1 high performance IIT coaching which we call IIT Hack.

All the best for your exams and results. Looking forward to help you increase your JEE Main score and percentile.

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