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Physics plays an important role in the preparation of JEE, as this subject seems interesting to many aspirants while it is hard for few. So we can also say that this subject is a game changer in the JEE ranks and to win the game of JEE we need some reference books as well so that we can excel our performance.

Let me tell you some of the books for your reference.

1. Coaching material

2. Cengage series

3. Resnick Haliday

4. H.C. Verma

5. S.L. Arora 

6. I.E. Irodov

7. Krotov

And many more…

There are so many books present in the market for JEE, but we need some selected and reputed books .

First of all I would say solve your coaching material sincerely because this is the most important among everything.

Next reference book depends upon your level of preparation and your time, meaning if you have more time like 2 years then you may go with Cengage series but if you have only 1 year or 6 months left for your exams then I will never suggest you to go with these reference books as they are too bulky.

If you have less time then you may solve H.C. Verma as this book contains only a limited number of questions so it will be easy for you to complete it in less time.

Talking about foreign author books like Irodov, Krotov, Resnick Halliday, then I would not suggest you to solve these books until and unless your preparation is already good and you are targeting 1- or 2-digit rank. If you want to start with the very basic then you can start with S.L Arora or Pradeep publication too, it will help you a lot in your boards preparation too but I would not recommend you to solve it completely you may simply read the concepts from there and solve some of the questions too as most of the questions in this book are only formula based and this much can easily be done if you know the formula very well.

Theory portion of S.L. Arora is extremely good and incomparable to any of the book so if you are looking for a book a through which you want to understand the theory part or derivations of formulas then you may simply go with it.

Note: Go with S.L. Arora only if you have the required time and your first priority is board and JEE Mains only because it won’t help you in other harder level competitive exams of JEE Advanced.

Lastly, don’t forget to solve last year’s question papers as this is the most important part among all above.

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Chirag Bhatia
Chirag is pursuing his B. Tech. from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology popularly known as NSUT affiliated to Delhi University and is currently in his 2nd year.
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