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Till now, there is no such announcement that JEE advanced 2022’s exam pattern will change or not. If there has been no such announcement till now then it is obvious that nothing like this is going to happen. And also, if there would have been some changes made by the NTA, then it would have been announced earlier. Most importantly, JEE advanced is such a big level of examination that any last-minute changes are not appreciated because it will directly impact the lives of over 10 lakh students.

If we take an example of JEE main 2022, we will find that this year’s pattern has been changed for JEE main 2022. And even the announcement was made in advance to inform the students beforehand. It has been notified on the JEE main official portal that the pattern of the exam will change and this notification was released on the portal a few months back. 

For JEE main 2022, instead of 360 marks, the total marks for the exam have been reduced to 300. Instead of a total of 90 questions, there were only 75 questions to be attempted this year. Till the year 2021, there used to be 30 questions per subject and all the questions used to be in MCQ format. But for the year 2022, 20 MCQ questions for each subject were to be attempted. 10 questions were numerical but out of which only 5 were to be attempted. These were some of the changes made to the JEE main 2022 exam pattern.

But for JEE advanced 2022 exam, the exam pattern is the same just like before. There are two papers for JEE advanced exam, paper 1 and paper 2. Each paper needs to be attempted in 3 hours. And in each paper, there are three subject-wise sections namely mathematics, chemistry, and physics. And each subject has a different pattern of questions. The first pattern is MCQ questions where more than one option is correct. And the marking scheme of questions is partial marking. The second pattern involves writing answers in decimal or digits. This pattern of questions carries 0 negative markings. The third pattern of questions are “match the following”. 

This is the pattern of JEE advanced and you can see that it is the same for the year 2022 also.

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Rituja Rani
Rituja Rani hails from Bihar and is in her 3rd year of B.Tech course at NIT Jalandhar.
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