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Importance of NCERT in NEET

NCERT plays a very important role in preparation for NEET. It is the Holy Book for NEET aspirants.

As compared to other books offered as study material in the market for the national level entrance examination, NCERT is the one with the most simple language. This book also gives very direct and to-the-point solutions to all sorts of problems that an aspirant faces while preparing. Stressing on the importance of NCERT books, all the experts and toppers of the examination advise to prepare thoroughly from this book.

All the basics and fundamentals of NEET 2022 for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology can be covered through NEET.

The Biology books of NCERT are diagram-based which helps candidates with a better understanding of all that is a part of the syllabus. On seeing these diagrams, which are elaborative and informative, candidates are able to retain a lot while giving the examination. It must be noted by candidates that Biology is the most important subject in the examination as it carries 90 questions, which is double of both the other sections. So, to prepare for this subject candidates need to keep the utmost care.

While preparing for NEET, medical aspirants must keep in mind that wasting their time on questions that are tricky will not be of any substance if they do not solve direct questions first. And to solve direct questions, it is important that they refer to NCERT books.

No doubt, NCERT must be the go-to source when it comes to NEET as 80-85% of the question paper comprises questions from NCERT sources. However, if one is looking to crack NEET with a good score, reading beyond NCERT is pivotal. Referring to related sources is a must.

NEET aspirants must master and strictly follow NCERT from classes 11 and 12 for all subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Exhaustive coverage must be assured as NCERT lays the foundation for basic concepts, upon which concepts can be built for discrete facts and other relevant information.

The number of questions asked from NCERT sources varies every year. However, on average, one can say, more than 80-85% of questions (asked directly or indirectly) appear from NCERT in NEET. This can be analysed from the previous years’ trends.

So you can analyse this easily that NCERT plays a very important role in preparation for NEET.

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