Taking a big step towards inclusivity and ease of access, the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K), has introduced a Hindi publication division as part of its Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre (SIIC). This groundbreaking move aims to overcome language barriers when accessing technical information about startups and innovation. By providing a specialised Hindi platform, IIT Kanpur’s Hindi Division is dedicated to making the institute’s advanced research, startup success stories, and entrepreneurial initiatives more readily available to a broader range of people.

The main objective of the Hindi Division is to promote connectivity and empowerment within local communities. With a keen awareness of the untapped potential in Hindi-speaking regions, the division is dedicated to offering necessary resources and opportunities to facilitate balanced innovation progress. By sharing invaluable knowledge and captivating stories, the division strives to shed light on the vibrant innovation and startup environment at SIIC, IIT Kanpur.

By spreading technical knowledge in Hindi, the division breaks language barriers and nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship within Hindi-speaking communities. It acts as a catalyst for societal and economic advancement by unlocking the potential of local talent and promoting sustainable development. The Hindi Division is aligned with the vision of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, emphasising the accessibility of technical knowledge in Hindi.

Acknowledging the immense importance of encouraging innovation and cultivating a thriving startup culture among individuals from diverse backgrounds, Professor Abhay Karandikar, the Director of IIT Kanpur, lauds this initiative. In alignment with this vision, the Hindi Publication Division at SIIC IIT Kanpur is dedicated to providing technical knowledge in Hindi. The aim is to establish connections with people across India and inspire them to pursue entrepreneurial endeavours, fostering an inclusive ecosystem. By removing obstacles, promoting collaboration, and igniting the entrepreneurial spirit within every individual, the Hindi Publication Division at SIIC IIT Kanpur strives to make significant contributions to the nation’s advancement and development.

Under the leadership of Prof Ankush Sharma, the division is dedicated to providing invaluable resources and opportunities for grassroots communities. It aims to facilitate collaboration, empower local talent, and contribute to advancing innovation and entrepreneurship in India. Through disseminating groundbreaking work in Hindi, the division seeks to make a positive societal impact and broaden the reach of innovation nationwide.

Launching IIT Kanpur’s Hindi publication division is a noteworthy advancement in ensuring equal access to technical knowledge and fostering innovation. The division creates numerous prospects for development and cooperation by overcoming language barriers and empowering Hindi-speaking communities. Through its unwavering dedication to sharing invaluable knowledge, establishing connections, and empowering local communities, the Hindi Division at SIIC IIT Kanpur is well-positioned to leave a lasting imprint on the entrepreneurial scene of the nation.

Shival Kathe
B Tech IIT Delhi, Founder - PracBee. IIT Math faculty for 12 years
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