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How to stay motivated during NEET preparation

NEET preparation requires long study hours and months of preparation. Some even spend years preparing for this examination. When you spend so much time doing one activity, the other activities that are part of the routine are often overlooked. Many give up their hobbies, stop going out or reduce the number of sleeping hours to study a little longer.

Time table

One of the major causes of demotivation is not being able to complete the syllabus within the designated time. The piling up of chapters and books that need to be covered may lead to a decrease in confidence. To prevent this, prepare a timetable that takes into account all your daily activities and the chapters that need to be covered to complete the NEET syllabus. It is important to strictly follow the timetable and not deviate from it.

Sports or exercise

If you are preparing for NEET 2022 or any other competitive exam, you must involve in any form of sports or exercise in your daily routine. Exercise is not only good for your physical health but mental health as well. The impact of exercise on mental health is proven scientifically. After exercising, the body releases a hormone known as endorphins. These are neuro-receptors that give you a feeling of positivity and well-being. Spending at least 30 minutes a day playing your favourite sport will help you stay focused.

Healthy eating habits

Many students have a habit of stress eating. They tend to eat more when they are worried which causes them to feel lazy and inactive. This slows down their system and hampers preparation causing them to worry even more. To avoid this, you must develop healthy eating habits and eat nutritious food.

Early to bed, early to rise

To stay healthy and active, your body needs to rest and rejuvenate. Because studying requires focus, it is natural to feel drained after spending hours reading or solving questions. To regain strength for the next day, you must rest for at least six hours. Another important change is to start your preparation early. The mornings are quieter as compared to the day, this helps focus better. This also ensures that you start your day with the most important task at hand, and hence it keeps you motivated.

Staying in touch with friends and family

Friends and family are the biggest motivators. Staying in touch with those close to you will help you stay happy and cheerful. They can also boost your morale on the days that you feel low. 

Finding time for hobbies

This is the last tip to stay motivated during NEET 2021 preparation. Hobbies are an important part of who you are as a person. They make you happy and relieve stress. Letting go of these will only lead to irritation and demotivation. Not being able to do what you like doing for a very long time will not help with the preparation. It is therefore important to find time for your hobbies. Spend at least an hour a week doing things that interest you such as reading books and listening to music. You might as well watch a movie or two in a month. 

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