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How to prepare for JEE along with the 12th board exams

JEE preparation along with studying for the class curriculum is one of the hardest things to execute among the aspirants. Having a perfect balance of preparation for JEE and board exam is the mantra in clearing the JEE.

Out of 24 hours in a day one-third of the time goes to school. While the other remaining time is being spent taking coaching classes which leaves the students with very little time to recollect the study done within a day and when it comes to spending some personal time it is a luxury for students while preparing.

With competition for places increasing day by day and clearing the paper becoming difficult we can see very few getting seats in their first attempt. 

So, most of the aspirants go for a second attempt or drop a year with the sole purpose to prepare for the JEE exam.

The second approach helps many to clear the examination at the expense of losing a year but the ultimate aim being IIT matters the least.

There is a trend or a pattern that the top rankers of this exam are students who are fresher acing JEE in their first attempt alongside board exams.

There will always be exceptional cases amongst aspirants who clear JEE in the first attempt which shows the sheer genius of these students but people shouldn’t overlook their hard work and efforts.

To balance studying for 12th board while simultaneously preparing for JEE here are a few advises

  1. NCERT as primary books is a must. It is basically your bible for two years. It helps you get your basics right. People will suggest other sources for preparing but trust me without acing NCERT running after secondary sources are worthless.

NCERT is also a factor for the mass exodus of students from other boards to CBSE after class 10.

  1. Try to finish up your NCERT books as quickly as possible.NCERT only helps you clear up your basic concepts and help you solve the numerical aspects. The thorough study of NCERT would help you solve the numerical because once the basics get clear due to practice and revision you will be able to do the numerical more efficiently.
  1. Remember one important motto while preparing for JEE; try to avoid utilizing your time in clearing up your theoretical concept and focus on numerical concepts as much as possible.

JEE paper is totally based on your ability to solve the conceptual numerical. The paper does not test your theoretical ability as much. So no need to be cent per cent perfect.

  1. Solving of previous year question(PYQ) must be a priority as it gives you a rough idea about the type of question asked and can be asked in future. It not only helps you in preparing for JEE but also helps you for the board exam. Solving PVQ is the easiest and fastest way to test your ability and learn quicker.
  1. Students should emphasize more on JEE than the board examination. At the end of the day, what will you prefer to get into IIT with fewer marks on the 12th board on the 1st attempt or good marks and no IIT?
  1. Many students go for open schools to prioritize JEE over boards. This method gives ample time for preparing JEE and boards simultaneously.

Hoping this article helps the upcoming aspirant to get an insight on how to balance preparing for class 12 boards and JEE.

“Don’t stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.” – Unknown

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