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How to increase efficiency for JEE 2022!

Efficiency is pretty significant for JEE because there are thousands of students who study for this exam for long hours but in the end, their output is almost synonymous with zero and that’s the primary trouble among students.

“Efficiency is doing better what is already being done”

As the quotation already suggests, the meaning of efficiency is to do our activities in a favorable and useful way so that the outcomes can be boosted to the highest possible level.

Let us discuss some of the tips and tricks for proper productive studies so that we can get the utmost result that we give into it.

1. Know the syllabus 

This simply suggests that you make up your mind in a way that you give a reasonable time in understanding the syllabus and the structure of the exam because only then you will be able to decide which resource and material you should opt for. Always choose Quality over Quantity and restrict yourself to limited study material. 

2. Follow a study schedule

The second step to increasing your efficiency is to follow a very well-planned study schedule for your JEE preparation because a proper schedule will give you a proper summary of your improvement. You will be able to check how many hours you have studied, how many chapters you have covered, and other important things. 

3. Avoid distractions

It happens with almost every student that after studying for 30-40 minutes, we start getting distracted. We use phones, play games, watch TV, and whatnot which reduces real-time study hours and the efficiency as well. So to increase your efficiency you should turn away from all your distractions. 

4. Practice! Practice! Practice!

You should check your performance by attempting JEE practice papers. These tests will let you know about the soft points of your preparation and when you will start working on those weak points then your efficiency will automatically start to improve with time. Practice paper not only tells you about your weak points but increases your speed as well. A student needs to analyze the solutions and make a corrective decision based on that. 

5. Study Breaks are essential

The last and the most prominent way to increase your efficiency is by taking some study breaks in between your preparation so that you give some sort of rest to your mind and it is already a scientifically proven thing that taking small breaks can increase your efficiency in a much fairer way. A 15-20 min nap increases your concentration and stimulates your mind and body.

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