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How to choose a perfect coach for JEE and NEET Preparation

A Good Coach is extremely important to ace any competitive exam. Sure, end of the day it’s your own effort that counts but there is no point in working hard to climb a ladder that’s pointing in the wrong direction. I personally had struggled a lot to find my perfect teachers and I always had that regret that if only I could learn things from them from the very start. So here are some valuable guidelines I would like to give to the one/two years back version of myself, relevant for anyone who is just starting their preparation journey or thinking of switching their teachers

IITian/NITian Teachers/Doctors >> Other Teachers :

Learning from people who have done things themselves and have experienced those exact same things that you are currently experiencing is altogether a different experience. Sure there are many fantastic teachers that are not even B Tech/ BE holders but this guide is not about exceptional people, it is about people. As a rule of thumb, always go with an experienced teacher which himself has a good academic profile so you know he is a ‘teacher by choice’ and not a ‘teacher by chance’.

  • Avoid the Crowd :

Studying in the ‘Coaching Giants’ with 1:200 teacher to student ratio is not something I recommend. I have seen 4-5 students sit in a three seat bench struggling to take notes and even see properly what is written on the board. The teachers hardly know any of the student’s name, so it’s better that we forget about things like personal assistance and feedback.

  • Interaction >> Videos :

A new trend that has recently popped among aspirants is ‘Video Lectures’. I was a big fan of ‘Video Lectures’ back then and have attended over 500 lectures. It may seem really cool at the surface level, but a bigger problem lies deep down. After attending video lectures for about one and a half month, I experienced a social void and lack of any human interaction. There was no one to guide me and tell me what my preparation gaps are. No peers to motivate me and just overall happiness levels saw a drastic decrease. I would recommend people to have a proper coach and a good social environment rather than watching videos for a smoother preparation journey.

The Solution:

While you could make a check-list and keep on going through several demo classes of coaching institutes and evaluate them, it’s better to go through this one step solution that I’ll give you. It is called PracBee. It is a unique initiative from IIT and IIM alumni that aims at solving problems of aspirants that our founders have personally experienced in their preparation days. They provide one of a kind one-to-one tutoring and personal mentorship services from the best IITian/NITian Faculties in the country. Interactive lectures, personal mentor, precise test-series, revision sessions and concept maps….. they have  got it all covered for you.

The founders of PracBee are senior IITians, passionate about education in India and ensuring high performance of students.

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