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How is life at NSUT ?

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This picture above is of the Admin block where all the academic related activities are carried out. 

According to me, life at NSUT is so hectic, I don’t know if it’s because of online classes or other activities but it is. 

At NSUT/NSIT you will always be stressed about exams and attendance, 75% attendance criteria is compulsory if you don’t complete it you have to suffer backlogs. 

Apart from this you will have everything very amazing at NSUT.

You will have an amazing life here at NSIT. The campus is huge, flushed with greenery and offers a picturesque environment with peacocks roaming around.

Apart from the studies, the college offers various extracurricular activities as well. You can choose among many societies according to your interest. There are societies for dance, music, drama, fashion, debating etc. Not only co-curricular but you can also work on your educational and technical skills in societies like CSI, IEEE, BHR. 

The Rotaract Club deals with social service. And there’s more to explore when you join the college.(I’m also a member of it).

The fests and parties here are great fun. As soon as you join the college, you first enjoy the unofficial Fresher’s Party, dancing at some club and having loads of fun. And, almost a month later, the official Fresher’s. Don’t miss your chance here to stand out in the crowd. Go show your talent on stage, battling for the Mr/Miss Fresher title. 

Then comes the intercollege cultural fest Resonanz with lots of dance, drama and fashion. And then, a month or two later, intercollege technical fest Innovision and cultural fest Moksha. They are grand. Lots of fun and frolic on the campus for 4-5 days, you’ll definitely enjoy these fests all four years.

So college life at NSIT is a 4 year experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime. And not to forget, you’ll probably end up with a decent placement. At NSUT if you are preparing yourself for placement to get into some MNCs then NSUT will surely help you to get that.
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