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How I managed school and coaching together and cracked NEET?

It is difficult for a student to manage both school and coaching at the same time.

But if you look at it from other perspective, the syllabus of both NEET and board exams are similar.

If you will be seriously studying for the board exam then it will only help you gain more information about the topic and you will be able to understand more concepts for NEET. And any knowledge about these subjects will only help you gain and you will be able to understand things better. The thing is if you will be persistent and will utilize each and every day of yours and study daily then you will be smoothly able to do every topic and be able to gain more marks in every topic.

The main barrier comes is the time. You have to do both the things simultaneously. You can easily do this because as discussed earlier the topics are similar for NEET and boards. You have to do more questions for NEET preparation and that will also increase the speed and accuracy for any exam. So just give extra time for your daily revision and practice so that you can score well in both the exams. You have to manage your time according to your school and coaching so that you can give at least 3-4 hours for your revision and practice.

And every holiday should be your bonus day where you can revise maximum amount of topics

To utilise and use your each day you should have a fixed routine that you will follow during your preparation time. You should not think about anything else. Many things will come into your mind, like movies, games, matches etcetera, but you can do all these things afterwards. Now is the time when you should give it you all to your studies. 

For getting maximum marks in NEET as well as boards you should do daily revision and practice every working day and in Sundays you should revise the previous topics, because revision will hold the grip of any topic so that you can score good marks in final exam. Just try to keep yourself motivated so that you can study each day. Remember if you want to be a future doctor, you should and have to do all these things. Every student goes through this phase but the difference is some people do extra and get selected in their first attempt. 

Best of luck for your exam and stay motivated. 
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