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With the spread of the Corona Virus in 2019 a lot has changed, lockdowns were implemented and that resulted in banishment of physical coaching. Students could no longer visit physical coaching classes and attend lectures like they used to for previous many years. An old reliable system of getting JEE and NEET coaching had all of a sudden came to a halt.

However, where there is will people always find a way.

The abolishment of physical coaching classes created new modalities of education and we’ll be talking about some of them and how future NEET aspirants can make the best of the new scenario.

1. With the downfall of physical classes there was a steep rise in the number of online classes available. Coaching classes readily shifted to an online model where the students didn’t have to spare time on traveling for hours to reach a classroom but rather could attend the very same lectures of the professors online either through their laptops or tablets or phone. Undoubtedly, this saved a lot of time & energy and this could now be spent on preparing for the exam by reading notes and solving papers.

2. The rise in the online classes landscape also paved way for rapid rise in the amount of content available for learning, this also impinged on the habit of finding answers online rather than traveling to the coaching center for asking just a handful of doubts. The time spent on clarifying concepts was often lesser compared to the amount of time spent on traveling.

Today, a student can just google his query and find relevant answers and explanations just a few finger taps away either on Google forums, Quora or even YouTube.

3. The advent of online learning also meant that unlike in classes where you had to attend classes based on the schedule prescribed by the coaching institutes a student can now watch class videos from their home at their own convenient time. 

If you fall sick or are rendered incapable of attending classes due to some reason you can watch the videos from your home and even re-watch the videos based on your convenience. The ability to re-watch the videos or playback them at a higher speed meant saving precious time. 

Students can now fast-forward the same lessons to keep up with their own pace of learning.

The key takeaways from the discussion would be:

• Not having to travel physically saves time and energy which could be better spent on learning.

• Available of learning resources online means clearing doubts is easier and does not depend on someone being physically available at any given point of time.

• Gives opportunity to those who have missed classes or are caught up with some other work to watch the videos or attend classes at their time of convenience.

• In times to come it could also reflect on the cost of providing these services as having an online based education centre doesn’t require the same amount of initial investment as setting up a physical classes does. 

• This saved cost of running an education centre could be passed onto the students making it more affordable for aspirants.

• Since the internet prices have plummeted over the years and there has been an increase in the internet penetration all over the country means that even an aspirant sitting in his/her village away from the cities can now avail quality education without having to leave their hometown and compete better than was previously possible.

The Wuhan Virus has wrecked lives and caused a major disruption in every aspect of everyone’s lives but a smart person knows how to make the most out of his scenario even in case of an adversity.

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Utkarsh Singh
Utkasrh Singh is a final year student at Rajiv Gandhi University of health and science.
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