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Difficulties faced by NEET aspirants during drop year

There are many difficulties faced by NEET aspirants during their drop year.

First of all, it is very difficult to go through the syllabus one more time. You feel a lack of interest. There is a constant thought in your mind that you are wasting one year. Your age is increasing and so is your stress of cracking the NEET exam. 

There is a whole lot of pressure to perform in the drop year. You have to perform better than last year. Also, you have to score a good rank. These thoughts will bring stress and will result in ever poorer results. So aspirants should always believe in themselves and work hard.

Also dropping a year may feel like you are in quarantine. Most of the time you will be at your house, sitting and studying. You won’t be able to attend all the family functions or enjoy yourself a lot with friends because you will have to complete your course on time.

There will be days when you won’t be able to complete your task and you will feel frustrated. But it is important to stay motivated no matter what. Complete the task the next day along with the next day’s tasks. 

You need to focus and invest your time in your studies for a whole year. This can be demoralizing. To tackle this, you can start doing yoga and meditation to help you focus better. 

Also, you might have to leave many of your hobbies. This can make your day dull and boring. Doing the same routine daily is very difficult. And not having your favourite activities in that schedule makes it impossible to follow. So, you can add 1 activity to your schedule which will make your day less boring. But make sure it does not consume much time.

Many parents might not understand the intention behind your decision to drop a year. This would lead them to question you. As time passes, the number & frequency of their questions will also increase and you might not be able to handle them. This leads to immense pressure and stress. So you must try your best to make your parents agree to your decision. Also, many of your relatives will not support this decision of yours. So you should know how to turn a blind eye to it. 

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