The sample question paper of Science for class X was recently released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)along with the marking scheme. There were some minor changes introduced by the CBSE for the 2020-21 examination. Students aiming to score good marks in the class X board examination are advised to solve the latest sample papers in exam simulated environment before attempting the actual exam. In this article, we will discuss the latest examination pattern and changes made to it. Students can also see the marking scheme from the below link:

CBSE | Academics Unit – Class X 2020-2021 SQP and MS

There are 36 questions in the new pattern divided into 4 sections namely A, B, C, D.  Section A consists of 20 questions which are of various types like very short answer, multiple choice type question, assertion and reasons. Each question or parts of question (if there is any) is of one mark. Answer to questions in this section has to be given in not more than one sentence or word.

Section B contain 6 short answer type questions which has to be answered in 30 to 50 words. Each question under section B carries 2 marks. Section C also has 6 short answer type questions but the marks allotted to each question in this section is 3 marks. Students are expected to answer these questions in 50-80 words. Section D includes long answer type questions that has to be answered in 80 – 120 words. There are 3 questions in this section each carrying 5 marks.

Students should note that all the questions are compulsory and there is no overall choice in the questions. However, internal choice is available in some questions where only one among the two questions has to be answered. The total marks of the question paper is 80 marks and time allotted to question paper is 180 minutes.

Students should practice a good number of sample papers and get them checked from their teachers. This will not only make them confident but also help in knowing the ways of presenting the answers to fetch high marks. Some other things like drawing neat and labelled diagrams, good handwriting, proper structure of answer should be followed by students. These things does not let you lose those extra marks in the exam. Also, students are advised to write answers to the point or else you may lose a lot of precious time. Last but not the least, students should not panic during the exam whatever the situation may be. They may use the time in beginning to have a quick glimpse of the paper and start with the section they are most comfortable with. Also, if possible, try to answer all the questions of a section in continuity or else clearly indicate the question number and section while answering the question separately.

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