The Central Board of Secondary Education has recently released the sample question paper of English for class X along with the marking scheme. Some minor changes are introduced for the 2020-21 examination by the CBSE. Students aiming to score good marks in class X board examinations are advised to solve the latest sample papers in an exam simulated environment before attempting the actual exam. This will make their practice stronger. In this article, we will discuss the latest examination pattern and changes made to it. The marking scheme released by CBSE for the exam can also be found on the link below:

CBSE | Academics Unit – Class X 2020-2021 SQP and MS

According to the revised curriculum for session 2020-21 issued by CBSE, 50% weightage is given to objective type questions. Talking about Part A, unseen passages will have only MCQs as per the sample question paper of CBSE. There will be 2 unseen passages having 12 questions each. Students will have to answer only 10 MCQs in each of the passages. As we know, MCQ’s are easier than subjective questions, students will be having the opportunity to score high in this section. The next section in Part A is of Literature. It has 2 extracts and 5 questions have to be answered on the basis of extracts. Students must note that there is an internal choice in both the extracts and students have to solve only among the two in both questions rather than solving both from a single question. One must try and solve the sample question paper released by CBSE and other questions with similar patterns to be 100% confident in solving such questions. As, there are high chances of scoring 100% in this section with all questions being MCQs, students are advised to have a good practice of it. For the Grammar part, there will be 3 questions having part questions. The internal choice is not available in the first two questions but only 4 out of 6 part questions had to be answered in the third question under the grammar section. These questions will also be MCQ type. This is completely based on the sample paper available on the website of CBSE.

Coming to Part B of the question paper, it will consist of some subjective questions, all of them having internal choices. Formal letters and analytical paragraph writing will have an internal choice. Students must practice before-hand writing such paragraphs so that they can save time with better writing ability. You can prepare to write such paragraphs with the help of various books and online sources. CBSE has introduced 20-30 word answer type questions which will be from both the books. There will be 3 questions in A & B groups and students have to attempt two questions each from both groups. The 40-50 words answer type questions will also be on a similar pattern and each question will carry 3 marks. These questions will carry three marks each. The long answer type question will be carrying 5 marks each and all the questions will have internal choices. With less than 4 months left for the exam, students must start their preparations for the writing section and increase their speed. They must also follow the sample question paper released by CBSE and start attempting similar questions.

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