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Avoiding distractions during JEE preparation

Distraction is the one big cause that highly affects JEE preparation and decides our rank to a large scale, so it is very much necessary to avoid distractions during the preparation period. There are many ways to avoid distractions, some of the major ways are discussed below.

Let’s get started!

1. To avoid distractions one of the major things which we can use in our daily routine is that we can make a habit of short-term goals like we can give some challenges to ourselves that “I will take a break only after completing some 25 or 40 questions”. This will help you to boost your confidence and it will also help you avoid distractions as by doing this you will not use mobile phones or anything else but the major condition for this is that you should be firmly determined because here no one is watching you so you are the only person who is responsible for your preparation.

2. After following first point you should start appreciating yourself as being a human we need appreciation, you can appreciate yourself by playing some games or by watching some entertainment videos. This thing will highly help you to concentrate more on your short goals and consequently to avoid distractions. Most of the sincere JEE aspirants uses these techniques to achieve their goals so you may also be one of them by using these tips.

3. Another important thing which you can do to avoid distractions is by making a competitive friend circle as competitive friend circle will help you to complete some difficult goals of completing the work and if you won’t complete then you will have fear in mind that your friend will be better and will leave you behind so this fear will ultimately help you to avoid distractions of mobile phones etc.

4. To avoid distractions you should track your progress like you should know about your progress level of your preparation through which you will get to know about the hard work which you need to do and how you are wasting that precious time by playing games and using mobile phones, so if a student has its own report of preparation then he/she may use that time to study more than wasting their time.

5. You may also avoid distractions by using timers in your preparation like you should set a timer of 2 hours and start studying, then follow that first point in your preparation and do not even touch your phone and go out from your study table till your phone beeps, this practice will help you to avoid distractions as well as to improve your sitting hours of study.

These are some major techniques which are used by toppers and sincere students, for more such informative content keep following PracBee!

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