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I will tell you some of the best tips for droppers to overcome all the hurdles and finally clear JEE with flying colors.

1. First thing which you need to keep in your mind is that you have relatively less time than others but this much time is more than enough to get any rank in JEE as you don’t have responsibilities like class 12th pre-boards and boards preparation etc. So I advise you to simply study hard as much as you can and keep a positive mindset.

2. Second thing is that most of the droppers are confused on which part they have to concentrate more, whether on class 11th part or on class 12th part so in short at this time you do not have to classify your syllabus class wise, rather you have to learn the syllabus according to the importance in exam.  You have to complete all those chapters which have relatively high weightage in exam over those which have less weightage and do not forget to complete sure shot chapters like coordination compounds, mathematical reasoning, statistics etc.

3. Above thing can become easy if you join a coaching institute, as coaching institutes have a structured planning for the chapters to cover for the exam. Note my point that it doesn’t matter whether you took coaching In 11th, 12th or not as there are many students who think that they already took some coaching so they don’t need it anymore as coaching doesn’t mean you have their material and you just have to solve it but in reality coaching helps in many aspects like they make a schedule for you, they provide you a good faculty, they give an organized way to walk on the road of JEE and many more. You can also consider preparing with PracBee as they see all the aspects for each student and help them prepare for JEE accordingly in a personalized manner.

4. Now after all the above things, I would suggest you focus on your coaching material, solve last year’s questions as much as you can and in the end solve some mock papers. One more thing is that do not think about any rank whether it is AIR 1 or AIR 10k. Just give your best and you will get whatever you deserve. Solve FREE mock tests on Abhyas and improve your practice. 

Lastly, on a serious note I will add that, you have dropped the year so take this decision positively because many students think that we took wrong decision and waste the complete year but for your quick knowledge more than 60% of the IITians are droppers and almost 40-50% of the students in any of the college are droppers so if majority of the people are taking this decision then it must be a good decision. So take it positively and give your very best.

All the very best for your exam preparation and we’ll see you soon in the next blog, till then keep following PracBee.

Chirag Bhatia
Chirag is pursuing his B. Tech. from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology popularly known as NSUT affiliated to Delhi University and is currently in his 2nd year.
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