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Why flashcards are important for JEE preparation?

Flashcards are something which helps us to recall everything in a very short period of time. Along with this, it also helps us to remember the topic or concept for the long time which is very important thing for JEE because it is a very long term race of almost two years and you need to remember each and everything till your exam day so due to this, flashcards have a massive importance in our preparation.
Flashcards are very important in many theoretical concepts like that of periodicity or we can say complete inorganic chemistry which is pretty hard to remember. But with the help of flashcards we can learn all these things with ease and can remember it for a long period of time which is extensively valuable.
We can use flashcards for remembering our formulas of physics and mathematics as in JEE there are lots of formulas which we have to remember till the exam date and it seems very hard by cramming it thoroughly but the same thing is pretty much easy with the help of flashcards.
Now the question arises how can we make flashcards for our JEE preparation?
We can make our flashcards in many different aspects like we can make very short notes and by learning from them we will be able to remember some important concepts in very short time for a longer period.
Another way to make flashcard is to stick some creative symbols on your study wall and have a look at it while moving, after sometime you will find that your mind have grasped all the things very easily.
You may also try some other different creative ideas with your friends or by yourself which may help you to create your own flash cards.
All such things are useful only in the last phase of our preparation because in last phase our minds need to be relaxed and we feel so saturated while studying from books, so if we create some flashcards then our mind will grasp more things. But it is not that compulsory at all, so if you feel like you have time for all these things then you must try it at least once for few chapters. If you are in last phase of your preparation and feel like you are lagging behind in your preparation then you must take care about your syllabus completion and practice of questions only.
Practicing problems is way more important than flash cards so give more priority to it if you are lagging in some topics.
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