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Tips & Tricks to revise NCERT

Well in order to crack one of the competitive exams in India like NEET, smart revision is must. Frequent revision is the key that will open the doors of success for you in future. With revision you not only enhance your memory but also save your time in the exam hall thus using that extra time for some tough questions. 

But the main question arises is how to revise in a short span of time without hampering your time for starting new topics. Following are some suggestions and tricks that will help you to revise frequently and help to grow and be confident in your NEET journey:

1.Everyday when you start a new topic from a subject just before that, devote at least 15-20 mins in order to revise the previous topic you studied the other day. This will help you maintain the continuity and will make things clear further. 

2. Once you study a particular chapter, do the question banks from NCERT Or any coaching module you follow. Solving questions makes you revise a lot of concepts at one go thus helping you to gain more in less time. Mark the questions that you find hard at first and return to them after a few days in order to solve them in less time. This habit will definitely help you in your main exam. 

3. Make notes while you study, add sticky notes or highlight the lines of NCERT that you find important in order to make your visual memory strong. Visual memory plays a crucial role in the main exam. In the last few days of the exams your notes will save you from the nervousness and anxiety of covering the whole syllabus. 

4.Whatever topic you study the whole week from NCERT or other sources revise them on Sunday and then only move to any new topics. Make this a habit and inculcate this practice within yourself for enhancement in your performance. 

5.Previous year question papers and mock tests are again one of the best ways to revise various topics from different subjects in a go. So go for this practice and do an honest assessment of your performance and note down your mistakes on a paper and revisit them to prevent committing the same mistakes in future. 

6. Active recalling is one of the most helpful methods to revise your subjects given in the NCERT. Whichever topic you read in a day, try to revise it throughout the day by making short questions in your head and answering them randomly. This practice allows you to retain the topic for a longer period of time. 

Don’t take revision as a burden, the more times you revise a particular topic the better it will be imprinted in your mind and will boost your long term memory and save your time in future exams and enhance your performance. Revision is one of the deciding factors for the ranks you get in the NEET exam. The more frequently you revise the more chances are there for you to clear the exams with flying colours. 

I know it’s easier to study a new topic than to revise the previous one but try to hang in there and develop this habit and you will see a miracle in future. 

Put your heart in your preparations, leave no stone unturned and success will be yours. 

All the best!! 

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