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Things you should prepare for if you are planning to give NEET

Well, if you are on this page, then, dear aspirant you are already one step ahead of others because you already have a goal set for you and you want to work towards achieving it and the earlier you start the more time you will save in the future. NEET is one of the most competitive exams in India and to perform well it does require both hard work and smart work. Don’t worry, to make sure you get that edge in the exam I’m here to help. The following tips and techniques will guide you and boost your confidence for the main exam. 

CHOOSE A RIGHT MENTOR:  First and foremost determining factor for your preparations is to choose a right mentor for yourself. It can be anyone either your school teachers or your coaching faculty. The right mentor is the one who always guides you on the right path and provides their undivided attention to solve your queries and boost your confidence for the future exam. Look for these signs while choosing your mentor. It will help you in the long run. 

DON’T MISS YOUR CLASSES: As you know, slow and steady wins the race, so be ready to bear the hectic schedule of your academics during your preparation days. Don’t miss your classes in schools or coaching unless and until it’s necessary because it will break your continuity and the flow of your chapter and thus you have to incorporate more time to study that thing again from the beginning. 

SEPARATE STUDY ROOM: It has been seen that, if you assign a place for a particular activity, then whenever you enter the area it ultimately gives you the energy and concentration to do that given activity. So try to have a separate room for your studies and remove all kinds of distractions from that area. 

BE MORE FOCUSED AND DILIGENT: As you see, the cutoffs keep on increasing every year for selection in NEET. So by now you should have understood the seriousness of the exam that it demands your full dedication. Halfhearted study will not bring great results, pour yourself completely into the preparations and you will clear the exams with flying colours. 

MANAGE TIME EFFICIENTLY: Once you start preparing for NEET, you will not know where the time flies and when your date to download the admit card has arrived. So time is one thing you can’t afford to waste during your preparations. Schedule your day, one night before in order to be more productive. 

LIMIT YOUR SOCIAL LIFE: As they say, no pain no gain. It applies here as well, I’m not saying to completely give up on your social life but to minimize it. Because more social interactions will bring more distractions. So limit your social activities during your preparations and it will ultimately give you more time, try to utilize that time to rejuvenate your mind and body. 

SOLVE RELEVANT STUDY MATERIAL: One of the common mistakes among NEET aspirants is that they grab several books for the question solving purpose but in the end they get burdened by the load. Don’t create a rat race for solving questions from any unknown source. The utmost importance is the NCERT and once you’re done with the NCERT, then go to your school or coaching materials to learn concepts and solve questions. One of the best ways to analyze your performance is to solve previous year question papers and get familiar with the exam pattern. 

BE CREATIVE WITH YOUR NOTES: Whenever you study a new topic, always make notes of it and be creative while making them. You can make flash cards, small sketches and integrate 4-5 concepts on one chart paper. Your creativity will help you in future when you will refer to your notes and will be surprised to revise the entire subject just within 2-3 hours. That’s the power of notes. Prepare yourself for this as well during your journey for NEET. 

VIGOROUS REVISIONS: It is comparatively easy to study a new chapter than to revise it. But don’t ever forget the key to clear the exam is revision. Revision is a must. You should be prepared to practice the phenomenon of active recall throughout the day by asking yourself the self-made questions in your head and visiting your notes intermittently in the day to incorporate that particular chapter into your short term as well as long term memory gradually.

•BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER: You are your best friend. Don’t ever criticise yourself despite whatever you are going through. Be your own cheerleader, encourage yourself to raise the bar of hard work, make yourself realise your self-worth and do the task with utter focus and determination and no one can stop you from achieving the goal. Prepare yourself to admit your shortcomings and rectify them. 

SAY GOODBYE TO PROCRASTINATION: As I mentioned above time is very much valuable and you can’t lose track of it. So stick to your daily routine study schedule and prepare yourself for some tough nights and days to excel in your journey. Never ever procrastinate. If there are days when you don’t feel like studying; it’s ok, but what you can do is revise what you have done till now and for the rest of the time relax your mind instead of just wasting the whole day without being productive. 

Preparation will be the hardest part in your NEET journey. Despite all ups and downs, you need to maintain your calm, and focus on your target. I hope the aforementioned tips will help you to prepare for the future exam. In this hustle never compromise your health. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body so rejuvenate yourself from time to time. Be honest with your preparations, analyze your performance on a daily basis and don’t worry about the results. Have faith and confidence in your journey and you will surely achieve your goal and will have a bright future. 

Start prepping and All the best! 

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