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The Optional Choice of Appearing for Class 10 and 12 Board Exams Twice a Year

Board exams should be held twice a year, according to the new curricular framework stated in the Ministry of Education’s August announcement. For students in classes 10 and 12, taking the twice-yearly board exams is now optional, according to Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. It’s simply to reduce tension and anxiety among pupils.

There will be two tests each year, and it is now up to the individual whether they choose to take both or simply one. If a person takes both examinations, the best score will be taken into account. Similar to JEE Main, it allows for several attempts, and only the highest score will be taken into account

Sometimes students fail to perform well on exams for unknown reasons. And they previously did not have the opportunity to retake the exam because it used to take a year. Or, sometimes, pupils think they could have done better. Therefore, twice-yearly board exams will now be used to remedy these concerns. One does not need to wait a full year to take a second exam if they perform poorly in the first one. There will be a one-year saving. Additionally, it will lessen pupils’ stress levels and ease their exam-related anxiety.

Exams being split into two sessions greatly lessens the workload for pupils. This might result in lowered stress levels, enabling students to concentrate on comprehending subjects rather than studying intensely for a single high-stakes exam.

Exams will now be optional twice a year, which promotes a more continuous and all-encompassing approach to learning. The ability of students to engage with subjects more frequently encourages a deeper comprehension of the curriculum.

Because of unforeseen situations, life can occasionally affect how well students succeed in school. Students get the adaptability they need when they have the freedom to select when to show up for tests.

The concept is sound; however, there are obstacles to overcome. It calls into question the course coverage, the standardization of evaluation, and the practicality of holding tests twice a year. However, these difficulties can be solved with careful planning and execution.

It’s important to keep in mind that change, particularly in education, is a slow process as we weigh the advantages and disadvantages. The plan to make twice-yearly board exams optional demonstrates a dedication to fostering a learning atmosphere as opposed to focusing only on exam outcomes

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