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Role of parents in their child’s JEE preparation

The influence of parents in their child’s life is very crucial in paving the path of their future. Without the parents’ support and guidance, children feel helpless and underconfident all the time. Due to the nature of JEE exam, parents are the most important pillar in helping their ward prepare for JEE.

Parents around the world want their ward to succeed in every aspect of life. Indian parents tend to pressurize their kids into studying for JEE and ask them to put extra effort to crack it. Even though added pressure sometimes helps in bringing the best out of someone, sometimes it creates a negative and stressful environment around the aspirant. The blame cannot be put on the parents all the time as they always ponder over the consequences of their ward not getting into IIT. They blame themselves for their child’s failure. Because of this sometimes they lose their temperament. With competition rising everyday parents fear about their child’s future and start pressurizing to burn the midnight candle to achieve a seat in IITs.

Parents should always try to keep a level head and support in every path of their child’s preparation. A parent should never forget that the most pressurized person in this whole preparation process is the aspirant as he/she carries the burden of everyone’s expectation. Try to confront this rigorous preparation process as a family because there is nothing in this world that cannot be resolved with the help of family.

Things that a parent can do to help his/ her child in IIT JEE preparation:

  • A parent would always consider getting his/her child into a reputed coaching institute seeing their track record. Avoid that, instead go for a place that takes good care where your child is not hesitant to ask doubts. The best would be coaching classes with one-on-one interaction where students are taught like they would teach their own.
  • Don’t consider that enrolling your child in a coaching institute makes your duty as a parent complete. Keep tabs on your child’s performance, preparation, issues, coaching teachers, problems etc.
  • Try to cheer your child no matter what the performance he/she has in the mock test. If they are scolded or humiliated they might lose their confidence adversely affecting their performance.
  • See to it that your child has a proper and healthy diet with a proper amount of rest. This should be one of the priorities considering the fact if your child falls ill it results in a backlog of his preparation process.
  • Don’t even consider sending your child into an alien place for coaching. Being at a tender age shifting to a large city just for the examination preparation process is very harsh on them. They tend to lose their innocence and many fall into depression by the environment. Why do you need to send your child away when you can avail excellent level of coaching online on  https://pracbee.com/  platform of IITians and teaching experience of combined 50+ years?
  • Never put a benchmark on your child and always motivate them to secure a better future after securing a seat in IIT. Do bribe them with gifts for their good performances to up their morale.
  • JEE exam being tedious and a long journey tries to spend some quality time with your ward to keep them refreshed and keeping them away from any distraction.

Summing up this article I would like to say that JEE is one of the toughest examinations, no stone should be left unturned. Parents should provide every resource available in the market. But checking the quality of education provided must be the number 1 priority. I would suggest every parent across INDIA should go for a demo class or let their child take a demo class with PracBee.

“Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.” –Oscar Wilde

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