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Revision strategy for JEE aspirants

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As the JEE aspirant covers the syllabus, the first question that comes to mind is how revision should be done. Which revision strategies to be followed? How much time should be devoted to revision?  Which materials to be followed for revision? These questions are very general which arises in the aspirant’s mind. So here I am going to tell you about a strategy which should be followed for proper revision.

  • Strategies:-
  • First revise topics with higher weightage

As everyone knows that the syllabus of JEE is vast so its revision will also be difficult and aspirants may get confused about which subject or from which topic he/ she should start revision. So a better way to avoid this confusion is to start revising with topics that has higher weightage. When topics with more weightage gets covered then other topics can be revised. 

  • Follow a time table for revision

As the syllabus is vast, hence for covering that you need to follow a time table. For a few days, set targets for revision and try to achieve those targets. When you are able to achieve those targets then make a final time table and follow that.

  • Revise formulas on regular basis

For JEE preparation few things are very important like theory, formulas, derivations. For JEE main theory and formulas are important while for JEE advanced derivations has more importance. Since revision of theories and derivation is not possible but revision of formulas is possible on a regular basis. So write formulas on a paper and keep it at a place such that it’s always visible to you such that formulas can be revised on a regular basis.

  • Short notes

Since the syllabus is vast, going through the whole chapter all the time for revision will not be possible. So make short notes such that you can revise it on regular periods. One more advantage of short notes is that it can be revised in a short span of time.

  • Solve problems

For JEE preparation, only revision won’t be enough. You will need to practice and for practice you need to solve more problems. You can do one thing, that when you will be revising topics then solve topic related problems too. Solve problems from reference books, study materials and notes. Solve NCERT textbook problems as well. These are the strategies which a JEE aspirant needs to follow for revision. Solve previous year question papers of JEE main and JEE advanced. Give mock tests of JEE main and JEE advanced so that you get aware about it’s pattern and it will boost your confidence. You can also practice lakhs of questions on Abhyas for FREE and take mock tests as well.

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