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Revision Plan for JEE Main 2022

JEE Main is a national level entrance exam conducted across the country for admission to various engineering colleges. With a large number of students applying for the exam, the conversion rate or the success rate of qualifying this exam is very low. Hence aspirants need to prepare well for the exam. Not only preparation but the performance during the exam also plays a huge role behind the result of students. And to boost their performance, aspirants need to revise all the subjects well. The better your revision strategy/ plan is, the better result you will be able to achieve. In this article, we will be discussing the revision plan for the upcoming JEE Main 2022 along with some tips and tricks. 

Since the syllabus of JEE Main is vast, the strategic plan with timely revision for all the three subjects must be followed. The best time for revision can be before going to sleep or in the morning before starting your other work. At Least one whole topic in a day must be revised on a regular basis once you reach the midway of your syllabus. This will help you catch up with your past learnings. You can also choose to plan a day off in a week from studies and completely focus on the important topics and formulas to be revised that day. The other thing that must be included in an aspirant’s plan is the solving of mocks. Candidates must solve both full length mocks and subject wise or topic wise mocks on a regular basis. This is a very important part of preparation and it can turn out to be very risky to avoid solving mock tests. Regular practise of mock tests will help candidates to evaluate/analyse their performance and preparation. This will also help them learn their weak points and what needs to be avoided during the JEE Main 2022. Please visit www.abhyas.pracbee.com for FREE mock tests.

Some of the points that one must keep in mind while preparing their study and/or revision plan of JEE Main 2022 are mentioned below.

  • Decide on the duration of hours that you will definitely spend per day for revision. You can start with less and gradually increase once you get to that pace. 
  • Go to revision only with a clear head. Once you are done with the topic you were studying and there are no doubts related to that, only then begin your revision. Otherwise, you can be distracted with that problem stuck in your mind. 
  • Prepare good notes of important topics and formulas and add them to your routine places. This will help you revise on the go. 
  • Take mock tests timely after completion on a particular topic.
  • Spare day offs completely dedicated for revision.

Subject wise plan for JEE Main 2022

Physics: The subject is considered as the most difficult one among the students. However, the reason for this can be the numerical section of the subject. Therefore, students need to prepare both the numerical as well as the theory section well to achieve good marks in this subject. To increase marks from numericals, students must solve mocks and also practise questions to abate the fear. Also, for the theory section, students must understand the concept well and avoid rot learning. 

Some of the important topics of this section that students must be well prepared with are Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Modern Physics, Optics, Heat and Thermodynamics. 

Chemistry: Although the subject is considered as the easiest of all, students should not take the preparation of chemistry lightly. Since the subject has seen some direct questions in past years, this can be the scoring and time saving section for students. Hence, they must make the most of it. For this section, thorough revision of NCERT Books is must as a lot of questions appear from there. Basic understanding of the topic is required in chemistry so the memorizing concept must be avoided and instead should be understood well. Numerical section of this subject should not be avoided.

Important topics from Chemistry that students must be well prepared with are Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Bonding, Surface Chemistry, Atomics Structure, Nuclear Chemistry, Mole Concept, Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry, Electrochemistry, Solid State, Periodic Table and its properties.

Mathematics: This section can turn out to be a scoring one for students who have prepared well for this section by remembering the basic concepts and formulas. Once you prepare this section well, the only thing left is the correct application of those concepts. For a good preparation of his section, more and more practice is required and mocks will help you achieve that. The more numericals you solve, the better will be your preparation. 

Important topics that students must focus on in Mathematics are Differential and Integral Calculus, Complex Numbers, Coordinate Geometry, Matrices and Determinants, Trigonometry and Probability.

The important topics recommended above are based  on the past trends. As questions from these topics have appeared more in past few years of question papers but these are only for reference and students need to prepare well for the other topics too.

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