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Reasons why Government Medical College is every aspirant’s first priority

Government Medical Colleges are the number one priority for every medical aspirant. Because if we talk about medical studies, it is very costly. You can yourself imagine that you have to study about each and every disease, it’s pathogenesis, it’s diagnosis, it’s causes and it’s treatment. 

In medical studies you are being exposed to several types and ways of study. You have to study through microscopes, you have to know each and every muscle, vein, artery, nerve and several parts of a human body which can be only studied in a cadaver. 

It’s a study of living, so it has to be perfect because medical study can bring back life. Doctors as a profession is not just a job, it requires skill, practice and patience to treat a patient. For that you require several books, several instruments and several times of exposure with the patients.

And if it is to be studied in Private Institutes it can cost in lakhs. Several private Medical Colleges charge about 10 – 30 lakhs per semester for a MBBS degree. You can yourself estimate that it is very expensive if this course is taken in a private medical college. So most of the students prefer Government or Semi-Government Institutes for medical studies. 

Second reason could be that most of the prestigious colleges like AIIMS and other many Government Medical Colleges are exposed to 10,000 cases every day. So there is more exposure to learning and practical knowledge in government institutes. You can get several cases and several types of patients in here thereby leading to more study of these cases. In our country India, Government Medical Colleges are more preferred because they also have good quality of learning at a feasible price. 

If we see the ranks in our country, Government institutes for Medical studies are ranked higher than private ones because they consist of higher ranked and highly educated doctors and professors. 

Professors here are very experienced and are highly qualified who also have cleared the exam for being in this position. Every professor here is a doctor itself and will provide the best knowledge in that subject. 

In Medical study you require more practical knowledge so the more you will see the cases, the more you will get the knowledge. These are some reasons why most students prefer to be in a Government Medical College. 

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