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Is JEE Advanced toughest exam of all?

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JEE Advanced also known as IIT-JEE exam is considered as one of toughest yet most popular exam among students in our country. Everyone wants to be a part of a prestigious college and IIT -JEE exam is your gateway to some of the most prestigious engineering colleges of our country which are
also applauded worldwide. Every year, lakhs of students appear for JEE Main with a dream of getting qualified for JEE Advanced and later, book a seat for themselves at these prestigious engineering colleges. But only a few thousands of them are actually able to convert their dream to reality.

In 2019, about 9.65 lakh students registered for JEE Main and only about 2.5 lakh candidates among them were eligible to register for JEE Advanced. Only 38,705 candidates among them were able to qualify JEE Advanced. However, after qualifying JEE Advanced only 13,674 were available to be filled at IITs. With this and following the previous trend qualifying rate of the JEE Advanced becomes as low as 4%.

Apart from this low qualifying rate, the other factor that makes the exam toughest of all is its vast syllabus and low predictability of the type of questions asked in the exam. There is no downfall and the standards of the exam are only increasing every year. This requires students to put a lot of hard work along with smart work so that they can face these increasing standards of the examination.

With each passing year the level of competition for this exam is only increasing as the number of candidates applying for the exam is going higher. Due to this, IITs are forced to escalate the difficulty of the exam as the number of seats at IITs are limited. Not only this but if the difficulty level is decreased, a lot of students will be able to qualify the exam. This might result in the drop of the value or importance of the brand IIT. JEE Advanced tests not only your knowledge of the subject but also the analytical and logical skills of answering the questions. As a result, the question paper is set out of the ordinarily. Hence, one needs to be well understood of the syllabus.

Every exam is difficult in its own way. Only that some of them require different set of skills and approaches to be cleared. One must be aware of the techniques that will help them to ace the
particular exam. But one must not forget that consistency and dedication is the key to achieve your set target.

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