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Importance of eating healthy during NEET preparation

Studying for any exam needs a lot of energy and to maintain this energy you have to eat enough. Eating healthy food is one of the most important thing an aspirant should keep in mind. While studying we often forget to eat as we didn’t complete the target.

We should keep in mind that eating heathy acts as a fuel for our brain and body. To study continuously and concentrate properly one needs energy and that energy is provided by eating healthy. 

Eating food doesn’t only mean that you can eat anything. You have to eat healthy and nutritious food so that you don’t fall ill. Eating outside food (fast food) can make you ill. During preparation, your time is very precious as you cannot take risk of getting ill. You have to choose wisely about what to eat and what not.

Eating too much can make you sleepy and will hamper your sleep.  So it is important to know the right amount of food you need to eat while studying.

Breakfast must be heavy. You can have wholegrain with milk, a glass of juice, or anything that gives you carbohydrates and protein. For lunch go for a little lighter meal as heavy meals at this time can make you sleepy. You can have dal, chapati or rice. For dinner you can have an egg or 1 to 2 chapati. 

You should also snack a little in between of your studies besides your lunch, breakfast and dinner. You can have fruits, fruit juice or nuts. They provide instant energy. 

Also don’t forget to keep yourself completely hydrated. Dehydration can make you feel sleepy, confused and tired. Worst of all, it affects your concentration which may make it more difficult to study and perform to your best.

When we prepare for NEET we have a lot of stress in our mind and we usually forget to eat timely. We should keep this in mind that eating healthy is very important. Without food our body won’t get energy and our brain needs energy to function properly. Brain will retain only when it has energy. 

To increase your concentration and focus while studying you should stay hydrated and full of nutrients. This will really help you understand your concepts much better. So eating healthy while preparing is very important. 

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