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Important topics for 11th standard for IIT JEE aspirant

It becomes very crucial to know about the important topics for a JEE aspirant whether the student is a topper or an average student. Everyone should know about the important topics as practice helps us to enhance the level of our preparation and also helps us to gain the maximum marks from the concise content.

Let’s discuss some of the important topics of 11th standard so that we can get an idea that on which topic we should focus on.

Starting with physics, in physics there are following topics: –

1. Unit and measurements

2. Conservation of energy and momentum

3. Parallel axis and perpendicular axis theorem of rotation.

4. Fluid mechanics- Equation of continuity and Bernoulli’s equation.

5. Thermal properties of matter.

6. Thermodynamics

7. Waves – knowing the basics of amplitude, frequency and doppler’s effect.

These are some of the topics on which you should focus on mainly for JEE Main as well as for Advanced exam, Mentioned above are some of the highlighted topics as well of a particular chapter but this doesn’t mean that you will study only these topics rather you should know the basic approach of every topic and focus more on these highlights.

Note:- I haven’t mentioned kinematics in the above list because usually one question comes from that big part which is not that worth it so if you are highly sincere then I must suggest you to go through each and every topic so that you won’t regret later.

Coming to the chemistry part, some of the following topics are important.

1. Mole concept basic questions of molarity, molality and laws.

2. Structure of atom mainly Bohr’s model of atom, electronic configuration and some important formulas.

3. Periodicity:- here we have to focus more on trends of periodic table and on the exception part.

4. Chemical bonding:- this is easy as well as an important topic for JEE.

5. Thermodynamics and Ionic equilibrium:- In this part we have to focus more on numerical practice and some basic theory 

6. Chemical equilibrium: – for this topic we should focus only on theory part and some principles like Lecha tiler’s.

7. General organic chemistry: – This is the most important part of complete chemistry as this will make a base of half of the book of class 12th chemistry part.

Note:- In chemistry I have mentioned many topics because chemistry is that part in which most of the students are comfortable as most of its questions are easy to moderate so I must suggest you to go with each and every chapter as in chemistry part questions come from every chapter except hydrogen, S block, redox.

• I haven’t mentioned states of matter but going through its rules and PV= nRT equation it is highly suggestible as this chapter is too easy.

Coming to the last part of Mathematics, some important topics are:-

1. Sequence and series

2. Binomial theorem

3. Conic section and straight lines

4. Mathematical reasoning

5. Statistics

6. Limits

7. Quadratic equation

8. Basic questions of complex numbers

Topics of mathematics are predetermined from many years and easy to solve as well, but mathematics needs much practice to master on the above mentioned topics so I must suggest you to practice as much as possible and understand the pattern of questions of the above listed chapters.

Note:- I have mentioned the basic questions of complex numbers because most of the students find this chapter to be hard so it will be better to know the pattern of solving basic questions as this will highly help you in exam because most of the complex number questions are easy to solve.

• Statistics, mathematical reasoning are the topics of only JEE Main so during the revision time of JEE advanced you should skip these two topics.

These are some of the important topics for IIT JEE class 11th, for more such informative content keep following PracBee.

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