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Importance of mock tests in JEE preparation

What comes to mind when we say mock tests? You think things like, how mock tests are going to help one, where to take mock tests, are mock tests are of the same level as of actual exam level? So, let’s start by discussing very basic what a mock test is, after that we will go in depth and then try to understand why mock tests are important for any exam and what role does this play in JEE preparation.

Mock test is the practice of the original exam before it occurs in reality. That means that mock tests are designed as per the latest exam pattern including latest syllabus, guidelines and toughness level of paper. When an aspirant appears for the mock test then they get an idea of what will be the level of the exam, they get an idea of how will be one’s performance in the exam. Not only that, mock test acts as a confidence booster as well, like if you scored good in mock tests then you feel like yes, I can score good in JEE as well. So, as soon as the syllabus and revision gets complete, aspirants should start solving mock tests.

Once you will start solving mock tests, then you will learn where you are lacking in your preparation, where you need to boost up and so on. And if you will work on these things then this will be really helpful for you. This will directly help you to boost up your rank in the JEE. But now when it comes about appearing mock tests then you may think that where one can get mock tests. You can get FREE Mock tests from PracBee where you can practice questions as well as mock tests. So, take mock tests, analyze them and boost up your JEE preparation.

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