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Importance of mind map for JEE/NEET students

JEE/NEET being one of the toughest examinations in India. Learning and studying smart is the way to keep the aspirants one step ahead of other students. To study hard and revise, one always tries to put down the concepts and makes topic wise notes using a long and hefty register. This becomes a tedious job comprising of revision every day and keeping the notes safe as losing them will hamper your study plan and put you up to two steps behind in preparation. To overcome this problem, students must try to create mind maps as it enhances their ability to remember or helps in increasing their mind power. It is a modern way or a smart way to remember everything related to the subject. A recent study concluded that studying by mind maps through proper practice is one of the most effective and easy ways of remembering any text or figure.

What Are Mind Maps?

A mind map is a blueprint representing words, ideas, tasks or other items connected around a central keyword or idea by the usage of signs, symbols and short forms summarizing an entire topic within a piece of paper.

It functions as visual thinking tool giving a proper representation of information helping a student to better revise, analyze, grasp and helps in generating new ideas.

The chief design of the main idea is branched out or connected directly to the central concept and other ideas branch out from those. Information is visually organized and the relationship of the information is shown among the pieces of the whole.

The pictorial method aids in recording knowledge and can boost efficiency, learning ability, memory, brainstorming and visual thinking. It also helps in problem-solving by educators, engineers and mock tests.

Mind maps are easy to create with images and colours or only with words that would suit the student for learning. It can be used as rough notes or short notes while attending lectures, classes where the notes can be made based on the central idea of the mind map.

Features of a Mind Map

  • The centre position of the mind map represents the main idea or concept.
  • Branches flow around the central position telling us the main theme of the central idea. They are symbolic of the main ideas that connect the central idea.
  • Topics of lesser importance are made as sub-branches of the relevant branch.
  • Each branch contains and connects towards the central idea which binds the whole visual structure.

Sample Mind Maps for Competitive Exam Aspirants

The above image represents the basic physics equation that helps you solve the basic physics problems. Rather than remembering and revising all the formulas everyday mind map of the formulas helps you to keeps the image of the mind map in your head. By remembering this image all the formulas stay at your fingertips.

This type of making of mind map helps you to cover the mammoth syllabus in terms of hours. Forget maintaining long registers and filling pages with short notes with revising all the information every day. With mindmaps, you save time and pages with an increase in memorising the concepts. Mindmaps are tough jobs for competitive exams but with regular practice, you become accustomed to making it.

Importance of Mind Maps

  • Increases creativity and productivity among students.
  • Helps in sorting out any thoughts and ideas within a matter of seconds which makes it easier to understand for any person.
  • The use of colours, images and keywords aids in enhancing memory and retention.
  • Categorizing and organizing the brainstormed ideas becomes easier with regular practice. It also identifies the relationships of different concepts of the same subject.

“Mind Maps are the Meta-language of the human race” -Tony Buzan

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