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IIT Kharagpur Students Receive 700+ Job Offers Exceeding Rs 1 Crore

In a remarkable achievement, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has witnessed its students securing more than 700 placement offers, with several surpassing the coveted Rs 1 crore mark. The institute recently concluded its inaugural day of the 2023 placement session with an impressive influx of job opportunities for its talented students.

Amidst the Placement Drive

On the first day of the placement drive, IIT Kharagpur students received over 700 job offers, including Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs), as reported by the institute. What’s even more noteworthy is that among these offers, more than 19 were from international companies. It has been highlighted that some students have even been offered remuneration packages exceeding Rs 1 crore CTC (cost to company).

Profile and Job Roles

Over 61 companies offered various roles to IIT Kharagpur students, primarily focusing on software, analytics, finance-banking, consulting, and core engineering. Notable companies extending pre-placement offers include Apple, Arthur D Little, Da Vinci, Capital One, DE Shaw, EXL Services, Google, Graviton, Microsoft, McKinsey, Quantbox, Databricks, Square point, TSM, Palo Alto, and many more, as stated in the institute’s statement.

Hybrid Format and Industry Collaboration

In response to the ongoing pandemic, interviews are being conducted in a hybrid format. This means that a substantial number of companies are participating in physical interviews, ensuring the safety and convenience of both students and recruiters. Additionally, IIT Kharagpur’s Career Development Centre (CDC) is organizing the inaugural “Academia Industry Conclave (AIC) 2023” with the aim of fostering collaboration and bridging the gap between academia and industry. The conclave provides a platform for departments, centers, and schools within the institute to showcase their strengths and accomplishments to prospective industry partners and recruiters.

Confidence and Enthusiasm

The students at IIT Kharagpur have displayed tremendous enthusiasm and confidence throughout this placement drive. Many prominent companies have already visited the campus for internships in August 2023 and have registered their presence for the ongoing placement season. Professor V K Tewari, the Director of IIT Kharagpur, expressed great optimism about the graduating batch of 2023-24 and the keen interest shown by companies in tapping into the talent pool of the institute.

Steadfast Performance

Despite the global economic concerns and the slow pace of the placement season, IIT Kharagpur has emerged remarkably strong with over 700 offers on the initial day of the placement drive. The institute’s commitment to nurturing and preparing its students for a successful professional journey has once again been reinforced through this outstanding achievement.

In conclusion, the impressive number of job offers, exceeding Rs 1 crore, received by IIT Kharagpur students is a testament to their exceptional capabilities and the efforts of the institute in providing a conducive environment for their growth. It reflects the institute’s commitment to producing highly skilled graduates who are sought after by top companies worldwide.

Note: The information in this article is sourced from the article titled “IIT Kharagpur students get more than 700 offers above Rs 1 crore” published on India Today Education website on December 3, 2023.

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