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IIT JEE 2022 to be held across 25 nations

IIT- JEE (IIT-common Entrance test) is set to go global, as the Indian Government is planning to conduct the engineering test in 25 countries – from the US to Vietnam. 

The last time IIT- JEE was held in Kuala Lumpur and Lagos. Many times ago with the help of the Indian Government, the IIT- JEE examinations were held in 12 countries. From 2022, the countries where the IIT- JEE will be conducted are – the US, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, China, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE, among others. 

 According to the report, 3900 Undergraduate and 1300 Postgraduate seats will be made available for the NRIs, Indians and foreign citizens studying abroad. These seats will be reserved in top-class engineering institutes in the country. 

The Union Education Ministry notified that under the Direct Admission of Student Abroad (DASA) scheme, foreign nationals, NRIs and foreign citizens studying abroad will be allowed to take admission to top-class institutes in the country. Foreign nationals will be eligible to get admission to the National Institute of Technology, National Institute of Information Technology, School of Planning and Architect and other specialized institutions funded by the Central government. These include IIITS and NITS, which are considered to be prestigious educational institutions of engineering. But this scheme excludes the Indian aspirants living aboard taking admission into IITs. 

Aspirants living aboard shouldn’t be bothered as the seats and institutes offered under this scheme are known to be the top engineering colleges with great recognition in India. In the above- said institutions, 15 percent of seats are reserved for NRIs and foreign aspirants. This piece of information is a must to be known to all NRIs and students living aboard. 

 Any transnational university that in collaboration with India’s advanced educational institutions can offer engineering courses for aspirants is welcomed by the Union Education ministry. 

 Banking on this occasion, Indian ministers to 63 countries across the world have been communicated. Many of those countries are reported to be – Japan, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Spain, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Thailand, the UAE, Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Cyprus, Iceland and Turkey. 

The Education Ministry told the press that the campaign would not only help Indian advanced education institutions to establish cooperation with foreign educational institutions but also motivate foreign universities to send their aspirants to Indian institutions. 

 Under the Union government’s Institution of Eminence scheme, numerous universities have been given the status of Institute of Eminence. 

 Every year thousands of foreign citizens come to India to take admission to Indian universities. But due to the process of admission of foreign aspirants to Indian institutions, admissions are still being limited to only limited universities in the country. Now seats are being created to give it a wider form. Surely, its benefit will be seen soon. 

 This time, the JEE- Mains examination will be conducted in June and July in two phases. The first phase of JEE Main test is starting on June 20. JEE Advanced Test will be conducted for the aspirants who qualified JEE Main. Still, in numerous engineering colleges and specialized educational institutions, admissions are handed on the basis of JEE Mains merit. In similar cases, foreign and NRI aspirants can also be admitted on the basis of JEE Main test. 

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