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How will Private Medical Molleges reducing fees stop students from going to foreign countries?

On February 3, 2022, National Medical Commission (NMC) had issued a guideline stating that the fees for 50 per cent of seats in private medical colleges and deemed universities should be on par with that of the government medical colleges of a particular state will be effective from the next academic session i.e. 2023-2024. This becomes a historic decision in the Indian yearbook as it will benefit the lower and middle-class families where in a family, a student has a dream of becoming a doctor one day and be beneficial to the society.

Every year millions of students apply for admission in the Medical colleges of India. Seeing the competition among the aspirants, the average cost of Private Medical education is around INR 40-50 lakhs, while studying in Government colleges costs around INR 10,000-4 lakhs. The fees of Private Medical colleges is 10 times higher than the Government Medical colleges because of this every aspirant is advised to get a good NEET score and get admission in Government Medical colleges of their choice.

This is the very reason many students either kill their medical dream or take the route of studying abroad where expenses are very less compared to private medical colleges in India. The cost of medical studies abroad on average is very less compared to that of private medical colleges. Medical studies in some developed countries are about 20-30 lakh INR and is much less in underdeveloped countries which can be compared to government medical colleges in India. This is the reason there is a mass exodus of students aboard after the NEET or 12th board examination. The cheap medical fees compel the students and their parents to send them aboard as it keeps their medical dreams alive without causing a financial burden.

Due to the recent news of NMC on the fees being at par with Government Medical institutes of 50% seats in private colleges, many aspirants will make a change to their plans as it will not create any financial burden on their parents and they will study near their home. This will also clear their headache of appearing for the Medical Council of India Screening Test, also known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (MCI FMGE) so that they can practise in India.  The student who has pursued his/her medical studies from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, or New Zealand and is recognized for enrollment as a medical practitioner in the respective country, then is exempted from appearing for MCI FMGE. MCI FMGE was a major burden for many aspirants as after studying and investing so much in medical studies they still had to wait for their chance to be a doctor after clearing the exam. If they do not clear the entrance examination then their whole college life becomes a waste. After this announcement, many students will stay in the country because of these various factors. This process of fee reduction will start from the next academic year.

So from now on, most medical aspirants will study for NEET very hard as higher ranks may help them get into a reputed Government or Private college with the minimum financial burden.

This kind of legendary process was required in our country way before, but it is better late than never. With a shortage of doctors in India, the news helps us to fulfil the shortage. As we have the best Medical institute in the world, hopefully this news brings great doctors in near future.

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