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Physics is certainly a make or break subject when it comes to preparing for neet. Since most of the candidates feel well versed with the other two subjects i.e., biology and chemistry and physics remains the most neglected subject till the end. However, it is this subject that can eventually lead you towards double and single digit all India rank. Now the question remains how to get comfortable with the subject? The basic pattern that has proven to be beneficial for most of the students is practicing the questions. There are only certain types of questions that are asked related to one topic which you may be able to identify once you solve several related questions.

For basics and theoretical parts you can refer to the gold standard book, NCERT. Make sure to do all the questions given in the back and examples. You will get comfortable with the language that is asked in the NEET exam. Solving questions given after each chapter and the examples given in between each chapter thoroughly. For theoretical questions that are asked in physics read NCERT from the surface only, no need to put all your energy into it.

Physics can be a little tricky when it comes to scoring good marks to get into a good government college. A lot of people have difficulty understanding this subject and it is very common. However, once you start taking it seriously it might almost feel like a game of brain teaser to you which helped me relieve my stress after all the mugging up and facts learning. Therefore being an interesting subject it can turn out to be  one of the most scoring subject if done right.

Make sure to make good notes while taking lectures or watching videos and clear your basics in your first read itself. Simultaneously try making short notes in a separate notebook, condensing each chapter to one page to help you with quick revision. 

Questions asked in the NEET exams are very basic, there is no need to do tons of questions. Practice a limited number of questions from modules of coaching institutions.

You can also Practice questions at Here you will find lacs of questions to practice from and it is completely free.

Take previous year questions seriously. Solve  previous years’ questions and revise the same questions every once in a while. 

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Gaurav Prakash
B Tech IIT Delhi, Founder - PracBee. IIT and NEET Physics author and faculty for 12 years
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