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How to score better in Physics in JEE?

Physics is that subject which every student fears, even if they are interested in it, do you know why?

It is a 100% practical subject but most of the students think that this is a theoretical subject due to its derivations and equations.

I will tell you some of the best tips with which you can understand physics in a better way and it will definitely help you to score better in JEE too.

Firstly, I would suggest you is to solve only one material of JEE because most of the students are really confused with books, as there are lots of books present in the market for JEE, so I personally suggest you to solve the coaching material because it is a combination of all the best books.

After following the first point, move to the understanding part of the topic like whenever your teacher is teaching you then you should assume it in a 3rd dimensional way and try to understand in your own way. Next thing is to solve as many physics questions as you can because this subject is very similar to mathematics and here also practice becomes an important part to understand the problems in a better way.

One thing which i will add is that prepare for your JEE in such a way that you are applying same formulas in every chapter, for example, you are having a problem from mechanics (Work, Power & Energy) and you have to find energy in that question then you can apply energy formula of Modern Physics also i.e. (E=hc/lambda) don’t ever think we can’t apply that formula because this question is from mechanics. In hindi, if I would say then it means “Jugaad”, your final aim is to find the correct answer and it doesn’t matter whether you are using a long concept or a shortcut.

Lastly, I would suggest some of the most important tips:-

1. Study for at least 2 hours a day for Physics.

2. Solve only specific material and don’t even think about difficult books like I.E. IRODOV.

3. Solve last year’s questions along with that because this is really important to understand the pattern of JEE.

4. Don’t ever consider Physics as hard subjects.

5. Learn important and hard chapters first like modern physics, Electromagnetic waves , dimensional analysis etc and give least priority to hard and least asked topics.

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