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How to revise for JEE Main 2022

NTA will be soon releasing the exam dates for JEE Main 2022 as the exam is expected to be conducted in February. Last year, more than 10 lakh students applied for the exam with 252954 students appearing in all the four shifts of exam. With less than three months remaining for the exam, students must have started their revision. In this article, we will be discussing a few tips to improve your revision strategy. 

At this time, many students have doubts if studying complete syllabus is possible at this time or even if it is possible should they try to complete the syllabus by length and breadth or focus on the important chapters only. To solve this issue, our advice would be to begin revision with important chapters after considering the past year’s question papers and then focus on your weak areas followed by revision of the remaining part of the syllabus.

The chapters which have consistently appeared in the question paper should be prioritized and mastered before anything else. This will boost your confidence and be helpful in quickly solving questions from these topics thereby providing time to solve other questions. You should be in a position to answer questions of any type and any difficulty level from many such chapters. 

Secondly, students must be aware of their weak areas by analyzing the mock test papers. Students should work on improving in certain topics by identifying the actual cause behind low marks in these topics. This will minimize negative marking in the final exam and also prevent excessive time spent on these topics. Apart from this, trying to cover the full syllabus is also important if you want to be among the top rankers as these few topics make the difference. 

Tips to revise Physics: 

  1. Try to quickly go through all the topics by covering short notes prepared by you during studying and solve limited quality problems in these topics. 
  2. Go through the solutions of previous questions which were marked important by you while solving them at first instance and solve them again.
  3. Practice derivations and remember the formulas. 

Tips to revise Mathematics

  1. Memorize all the formulas by heart and understand the derivations.
  2. Try to solve at least 2  problems from all concepts especially the tougher ones 
  3. Do remember the steps followed in various problems
  4. Have a special approach to solve objective question which do not require complete solution

Tips to revise Chemistry

  1. Memorize all exceptions as they are the ones asked most frequently.
  2. Practice and understand the reaction mechanism in organic chemistry along with isomerism and biomolecules.
  3. Solve numerical problems in Physical chemistry and remember all the formulas. 
  4. Write short notes for inorganic and learn them at the same time. Keep visiting these short notes frequently for retention of concepts.

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