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How to reduce stress during the last month of NEET preparation

Everyone gets stressed and anxious when their exams approach. Aspirants who can cope with this feeling score better and get a decent rank. Sometimes it gets overwhelming to manage things which leads to disturbances in our study schedule. To fight stress and anxiety one should follow these steps.

Firstly start doing yoga and meditation. Initially, you can start with daily 20 min yoga then you can raise it to daily 1-hour yoga. It will help you a lot in keeping your body and soul together at hard times. Also, you will be able to focus on your studies better. Do breathing exercises and don’t let your brain think and stress more about the exams and other problems. Let your thoughts flow through your mind freely. 

Don’t stress much about the remaining portion that is yet to be done. You still have time. Plan your days and study hard. Just a month is left, if you can use this time effectively then success is not far away but make sure to not leave any topic. 

Practice previous year’s papers, solve all the questions and analyze your answers afterward. Put on a timer whenever you solve a paper and adhere to the time limit. This way you will learn how to manage time in the exam hall. Practice solving all the questions as soon as possible and leave sufficient time to revise or review the answers once. You can find lakhs Practice paper on our App for FREE.

Do not hesitate in taking a break whenever you feel stressed because breaks allow you to refresh your mind. Go for a walk, talk to your parents or friends, and Eat something. Try to stay relaxed and motivated because this exam tests your patience. The number of breaks can vary according to your timetable but keep them short. 

It’s good to see that the aspirants are serious about this exam but this seriousness should not take the form of nervousness. We can only control the amount of effort but not the outcome so prepare for this exam wholeheartedly. Do not worry about the result and give your 100%. 

In this remaining one month solve all your doubts, previous year’s papers, and revise your notes. If you have joined any test series then aim for improving a slight in every next test. This way your score will increase and you will feel confident. Take small steps at a time and you will score well.

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