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With the competition for entrance exam increasing day by day, the anxiety level among the aspirants is also increasing. Students want to prove their worthiness by performing the best in exam. This thought can develop a fear of what if they can’t and it leads to stress or anxiety. This may affect the preparation of candidate adversely as one might not be able to give his/her best during the preparation. Increased nervousness can not only affect your preparation but can also have impact on your exam, restricting you from performing the best of your capability.

To overcome this, one of the most important things that a student must keep in mind, while preparation or during the exam, is that exams are just a test to measure your knowledge and understanding of the subject. It doesn’t matter if it your High School exam, Higher Secondary, or JEE, all of these exams are only to test your knowledge of the subjects that you opted. Although the pattern of exam might change, the main idea remains intact.

Below mentioned are some of the points that might be useful for you to overcome the fear and prepare well for your Joint Entrance Examination.

Overcoming Angst

As mentioned above, the word examination itself brings anxiety and stress to students. To overcome this angst, one needs to change their mindset towards the exam. You can take exam/test as an opportunity to prove your understanding of the topic not to just your teachers or family but to yourself. This will let you know how well are you prepared with the topics and can improve your performance in the main exam.

This will also help you to stay focused and avoid any kind of stress or fear for the while preparing for your exam.

Focus on the present

The most common mistake that a lot of aspirants do is thinking what their results will be beforehand. Even before they begin their preparation. Avoid doing this as it will only result as a stress builder. Not just future, many people are also stuck in their past getting worried of their previous mistakes. Instead, you can use these mistakes as a tool for what should not be repeated while preparing. Moreover, you need to focus on what is that you can do now which can improve your odds.

Prepare a schedule

A well-planned preparation is something which will ease your life. It will minimise your confusion and will let you focus well at study. You need to have a defined schedule to ensure knowledge building. Also, do not forget to take time for relaxing and try to overburden yourself. Instead, plan a feasible schedule which will bring positive results.

Be Confident

The fear of exam and that too an exam like JEE, will make you question yourself at each stage that are you prepared enough. Or will you be able to perform well. This might affect your preparation as you might get confused and won’t be able to perform well even in the topics you are good at. Be confident with your knowledge. Believe in yourself and you will be able to give your best.

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