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How I prepared for and cracked NEET?

For NEET, I did take a one year drop. That means I had a full year in which I only had to focus on NEET. So many of the students, who are demotivated and took a drop for their dream will relate with me. 

As a student I was very weak in physics so I gave extra time to physics. I used to revise physics that had been taught that day and used to do questions related to that every day. Biology NCERT is a must read every day because it’s the main book where maximum of our marks depend. 

Here is my routine that I used to follow during my preparation:

In the morning, I used to have coaching classes that used to start from 7 am, and end till 1 pm. So I used to spend 6 hours in coaching plus 1 hour for my travelling and other things. 

Then I used to eat my lunch and sleep for 1 whole hour, to rejuvenate and to be more efficient. After sleep and all other things, I used to sit for my self-study from 3 pm onwards. 

During my preparation time I was very strict with my routine. If I had planned my day like that then I at least used to try to follow that way only. So, from 3 to 5 pm, I used to do my physics. I find it more productive to do physics just after my sleep or that time when I have maximum efficiency. I used to revise the topics that had been taught in the coaching and also solve questions with a time limit. Then I used to take a 15-20 minutes break where I used to have my evening snacks and do some leisure activities.

And after that I used to sit for my next sitting that is from 5:30 to 7:30. In these 2 hours I used to do chemistry in the same way as physics. First I used to revise and then solve questions. 

After this I used to take a big break of one and half hours. In this time I used to go for a walk and have my dinner and talk to friends and family. Then again for my next session, from 9 pm onward till 10:30, I used to revise the topics of biology that are taught in the class and also the topics that have been covered earlier.

And just because I wanted to increase my efficiency and to overcome my fear, I used to solve more and more questions from physics and chemistry in an alternate manner. 

And used to sleep by 12 AM or 12:30 AM.

So, this was my routine. I was the kind of student who cannot study for one stretch, so I used to divide the time according to my efficiency. 

You can also do that. Hopefully this routine will help you crack NEET.

All the best future doctors.

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