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Don’t make these mistakes when you enter Class 11th

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Introduction: Hey Aspirants! What’s up? Your fellow senior on this side, and just wanted to give you a little guidance about this new phase of life you are about to enter. I will be talking about some great things you are going to experience, some mistakes that I personally made so you don’t, and some mindset hacks that will help you a lot to ace these upcoming years.

The Fun Days : Post 10th grade, we get an awesome 1-2 month break. Hardly in life again would you experience such kind of break where there is literally zero academic/career load on your head. Make sure you utilize these days to the fullest. Have so much fun that you almost get tired of having fun. Get in shape, join some fun music, football, dance classes etc., stay in touch with your school friends or probably go for a nice holiday vacation. Also, in these days, we have to make a very crucial decision about selecting the perfect coaching institution that provide you with proper guidance and training to crack the competitive engineering/medical exams two years later. 

 Selecting “ The PERFECT” Coaching :  I cannot stress enough on how important the role of top quality coaching institution is. Sure, end of the day, it’s your hard-work that matters but I believe that there is no point in working hard to climb a ladder that is already placed in the wrong direction. Most students (including me) just opt for the “Industry Giants” on the recommendation of a random uncle/aunt. Well what no one really tells you that these industry giants are so giant that they can’t even properly accommodate all of their students. 4 students struggling to be seated comfortably on a two-seater bench isn’t a rare sight you will have to see. Well, if the accommodation is this challenging, just imagine how challenging it is to assess every student with all academic/non-academic hardships he/she faces. In cases like these, I recommend my juniors to look for some not so giant coachings as well and opt for some demo classes before enrolling yourself. However, a major problem with these not so giant coachings is the lack of competent professors.

 A good coaching recommendation I can give to juniors is PracBee. With one-to-one online classes and personal mentorship from IITian faculties, PracBee brings you the best of both world at the very comfort of your own house.

Some Things to Keep in Mind :

  1. The upcoming two years play a very important role in the rest of my life and I will leave no stone unturned to get admitted in my dream college.
  2. The slope between 10thgrade academics and 11th grade academics is a little bit steeper than average and unlike other students, I will not give up even after slipping a few times.
  3. I will try my best to make some great friends that help me in my low times. We will hustle together and have a lot of fun as well. After all, 10 years from it would be so good to remember how fun were those days when all of us spent our time grinding on a common dream, unlike today 🙂

Best Of Luck!

The founders of PracBee are senior IITians, passionate about education in India and ensuring high performance of students.

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